• 1988-04-20
  • Peel asks listeners to identify an artist that a listener (David Rodwell of Winchmore Hill, London) wrote in, which he reads out: "I'm writing in the hope that you can help me, solve a mystery, this I heard a 30 second piece of music, on a rediscovered video I recorded, all I know it was on Loose Talk, whatever that was, I don't remember that, about 1983, and you tipped them, the artist to be big, well it must be somebody who disappeared completely without trace because that usually happens to people that I tipped for the top and he goes on to say, the Cocteau Twins were mentioned. However, the presenter said they were masquerading under the name, This... then the film cuts, to the following lyrics, 'I am puzzled as a new born child, I am riddled as the tide, should I stand amongst the breakers, here me say, swim to me, let me unfold you', well I can't imagine who that was, there must bound to be someone out there who recognises that immediately who can tell me who it was or tell David Rodwell who it is. So if you write and tell me, I send the information to Dave Rodwell." After the Napalm Death session track, Peel mentions that listeners have phoned in to say it was This Mortal Coil's track Song To The Siren, which he says that he should have recognised and admitted he's bad at lyrics.
  • Peel mentioned that he'll be going to Edinburgh University, Scotland on Saturday for his roadshow.
  • Peel mentioned that somebody saw David Bowie buying a Sonic Youth CD at a record shop and hopes that Bowie buckle up his standard of music from it.
  • Peel offers to give foreign magazines he's got to listeners by asking them to write in to request them and the first one will win them.



(Concise History Of The Frying Pan trailer)
(JP: 'There we go, demonstrating how broadminded we can be, those are the Fauves, beastly about Radio One and it's called Tortured Soul') [1]
(JP: 'Also from Wales, but singing in English')

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  • 1) 020A-B9823XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 2) Napalm Death (UK) John Peel Session # 2. RADIO BROADCAST!!. 20th April 1988 (Full broadcast)
  • 3) 1988-03-xx-04-xx Peel Show LE006
  • 4) 1988-04-xx Peel Show LE007
  • 1) 1:57:27
  • 2) 0:15:01
  • 3) 1:32:27 (from 1:19:03)
  • 4) 1:32:18 (until 0:01:29)
  1. Lyrics of the song refers to 'I wanna drop the atom bomb at radio one'.