• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1988-08-20
  • Peel mentions feedtime's first LP was a cracker; their second, mildly disappointing, but their third, well back to mid-season form !!
  • Peel plays three singles in a row from bands signed to the Sub Pop label.
  • Peel dedicates a Yello record to his son, Thomas, who fell off his bicycle near his home.
  • Peel says the Happy Hate Me Nots band has an appalling name and mentions that he's heard the first side of their LP and it hasn't got a bad song on it.
  • Peel mentions that he's received so many yodeling records from listeners and makes a comment that he likes the sleeve more than anything.
  • Comment sent with tracklisting from Eddie to Weatherman22 - "I heard this show this morning on my daily bike ride. I think Johnpeel3904 should have his special pleasure in it". Hopefully he didn't suffer Tom's fate.


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(JP: 'Most of the mail I've got this week starts off with something along the lines, come on fatso, let's have something Norwegian, so this is Bel Canto, which is an appalling name for a band I think')
(JP: 'Now this next is from the New Christs. It's another Australian band. I was going to play you something called I Swear, but I played it on the radio last night here in Britain and to my horror found that it repeated fairly frequently the common word for the process by which most of us got here. Except possibly for Andy Peebles, but the I think the rest of us got here by this means, so I better not play it to you, cause I know easily how inflamed you are. Instead this is, You'll Never Catch My Wave')
(JP: 'When I first heard this next record, I assumed it was recorded like the early 1970's, perhaps even the late 1960's, but it seems to be recorded last year in Georgia and from the Jungle Band, this is You Got To Make It Funky')


  • 1) John Peel's Music - 1988-08-20.mp3
  • 2) Peel 089 (BFBS)
  • 1) 56:31
  • 2) 45:31 (16:45 - 43:35)
  • 1) Many thanks to Eddie Berlin
  • 2) Many thanks to Dirk. Sound quality listenable rather than outstanding. Peel 089 (BFBS)
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