• 1990-08-20
  • Peel has returned from a family holiday to Provence in France - "very nice, bit too hot for me though."
  • JP: "While I was in France, I didn't have much chance to do any record shopping. I wanted to, but when I suggested it to the rest of the family it wasn't enormously popular."


  • Heart Throbs #2 First broadcast of their final session for the show. "Pumping" is a cover of a Patti Smith song. "Slip and Slide" and "Calavera" are from their debut album for One Little Indian, 'Cleopatra Grip'.)


  • Pocket Fishrmen: The Leader Is Burning (7") Noiseville
  • D.O.C.: Portrait Of A Masterpiece (CJ's Ed-Did-It Mix) (7") Atlantic
  • Mega Sonic Boom Blast: One Too Many Times (7") Flying Charentaise
  • Mav Cacharel: Zakomba (Album: Et Le Group Kebo) Gefraco
  • Pixies: Dig For Fire (Album: Bossanova) 4AD
  • Heart Throbs: Pumping (Peel Session)
  • Johnny Osbourne: Salute The Don (7") Steely & Clevie Records
  • That Petrol Emotion: Hey Venus (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Mix) (12") Virgin
  • Sonic Violence: Crystalization (Album: Jagd) Peaceville
  • Jaz: A Nation Divided (Album: To Your Soul) EMI
  • Happy Flowers: I Don't Want To Share (Album: Lasterday I Was Been Bad) Homestead Records
  • Happy Flowers: Rock Bottom (Album: Lasterday I Was Been Bad) Homestead Records
  • Culture: Behold (CD, Compilation: Beyond The Front Line) Front Line Records
  • Heart Throbs: Slip And Slide (Peel Session)
  • Snuff: Do Nothing (Album, Compilation: Now Thats Disgusting Music) Too Pure
  • Alejo Duran: Cero Treinta Y Nueve ()
  • Farm: Groovy Train (12") Produce Records
  • STP: Hey Bastard (7" EP: Smoke 'Em) Circuit Records
  • Augustus Pablo: Ozone Layer ()
  • Heart Throbs: Calavera (Peel Session)
  • Woody Guthrie: The Ludlow Massacre (Album: Struggle) Smithsonian Folkways
  • K-Klass: Into The Night (12" EP: The Wildlife E.P.) F.R.O. Records


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