• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1990-07-20
  • "Hi fans: not a lot of mail this week, but here's a pretty postcard, and what does it say on the other side? 'Dear David, I've listened to your radio programme for six months.' Dear David??? This is John Peel's Music On BFBS, and I've got a...."
  • Selected tracks on Peel 150 (BFBS) §, and on Peel 151 (BFBS) @.


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File a

(JP: 'When I was in the Army, obviously it's occurred to a lot of people who have witnessed this over the years, I don't doubt at all, but when I was on sort of doing fatigues or whatever they were called in the cookhouse, I once saw one of the cooks urinating into the soup, and my whole attitude to food was changed at that moment, and I've just eaten an egg mayonnaise sandwich, and I want you to know that required an act of faith of some substance, as a matter of fact.') §
(JP: 'The BFBS staff have said that if I live to be 100, they'll let me have a bucket of soup, and they've all promised to urinate in it.') §
(JP: 'I'm more fearful myself of a population of Nigel Kennedys: what a berk!...I got a letter from my pal Dirk to complain about the inclusion in these programmes of records by Tiger and Admiral Tibet, both of them superb artists in my view and quite clearly if Dirk continues to listen to these things he'll eventually come round to my way of thinking. He'd better.') John then starts to play the latter: the recording on Peel 150 is predictably curtailed. §
(JP: 'Top quality, Dirk: I don't know what you're whinging about.')

File b

(JP: 'You can phone the glazier first thing in the morning...of course, they don't write stuff like that any more, or come to think of it, the likelihood is that they do, as a matter of fact. My source of yodelling records seems to have dried up, which is a great pity. It's nice to have one to play every once in a while.')
(JP: 'As a special treat, I'm gonna play you Hotel California. Bit of a pause for you all to go, "Wow! Far out!". Right, that's got that out of the way.') @


  • a) John Peel's Music - 1990-07-20A.mp3
  • b) John Peel's Music - 1990-07-20B.mp3
  • a) 01:02:04
  • b) 00:54:37
  • Taped and digitised by Eddie Berlin
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