• 1970-06-20
  • Tracklisting below is from Volume 1 of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ.
  • Viv Stanshall session credited to Viv Stanshall's Big Grunt and listed simply as Big Grunt in the Decktician Log.
  • According to Peel's intro to the show, "Eddie Lee Beppeaux" (see Glossary) guests on a couple of the sessions.
  • The Johnny Shines session includes a version of Robert Johnson's "Kind Hearted Woman", done in the style of Johnson's original - "that's what it should sound like", says Peel
  • Two tracks played from Bob Dylan's double LP of (mostly) other people's songs, Self Portrait, which had a mixed reception from the critics. Peel calls it an "interesting" LP with "all kinds of curious things".
  • Main news story is new Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath being splashed with red paint by "a good-looking, dark-haired woman" protester on his first day in 10 Downing Street. Details here
  • Peel mentions that listeners may find it difficult to get hold of the new John Peel's Archive Things LP, before ending the show with a track from it.


  • Third Ear Band #3, recorded 1970-06-08.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Johnny Shines #1 and only (repeat), first broadcast 21 March 1970, recorded 1970-03-17.
    • "I Tried And I Tried" get it's first airing in this broadcast.
    • "Dynaflow" not included in this broadcast.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Viv Stanshall #1 (repeat), first broadcast 21 March 1970, recorded 1970-03-16.
    • "The Strain" not included in this broadcast.
    • No known commercial release, though repeated on 6music and available here


  • Peel introduces show and namechecks Noel Edmonds, whose show has just finished.
  • Poco: You Better Think Twice (LP - Poco) Epic BN 26522 (US release)
  • Medicine Head: Coast To Coast (7") Dandelion 5075
  • Johnny Shines: Kind Hearted Woman (session)
  • Third Ear Band: Downhome Raga (session) (with quotes from Stephen Foster's "Oh Susannah")
  • Newsflash - tin of red paint thrown at PM Edward Heath
  • Bob Dylan: Days Of 49 (2xLP - Self Portrait) CBS 66250
  • Viv Stanshall: Blind Date (session)
  • Kaleidoscope: Sneakin' Through The Ghetto (LP - Bernice) CBS 64005
  • 3:30pm news - Heath in Downing St after being splashed with red paint, choosing ministers for his cabinet; Granada TV strike over
  • Alice Cooper: Return Of The Spiders (LP - Easy Action) Straight STS 1061
  • Johnny Shines: No Mail Today (session)
  • Kinks: Lola (7") Pye 7N 17961 (Single played second week in a row – Walters likes it, so does JP, and Robert Wyatt claims Ray Davies influenced his singing style - leading into the next track)
  • Soft Machine: Moon In June (2xLP - Third) CBS 66246 John states that this is a single as well as on the LP but there is no sign of a single version on Discogs. (He may have been joking, considering the track's length, which would make it impossible to edit down to three minutes)
  • tape flip during above track with around 4m 20s lost
  • Viv Stanshall: Eleven Moustachioed Daughters (session)
  • Chicken Shack: Diary Of Your Life (album - Accept Chicken Shack) Blue Horizon 7-63861 (Album is “definitely well out of the rut that I thought they were getting into”, says JP)
  • Disinterred Thirty Three and a Third jingle; JP praises Liberty Records’ Legendary Masters series of albums of 1950s material, from which the track below is taken
  • Sha-weeze: You Made Me Love You (v/a album - Rhythm 'N' Blues Volume 1: The End Of An Era)
  • Third Ear Band: Feel Your Head (session)
  • Johnny Shines: I Tried And Tried (session)
  • Wild Man Fischer: Success Will Not Make Me Happy (2xLP - An Evening With Wild Man Fischer) Bizarre/Reprise 2XS 6332 (Album finally released in the UK, says, JP)
  • Bob Dylan: Blue Moon (2xLP - Self Portrait) CBS 66250 (JP; ”in its own way, a fairly unforgettable experience…”)
  • 4:30pm news; more about Heath being splashed with red paint; Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph among those at 10 Downing St; also, Staffordshire County Council slashes grant to Keele University following incident involving students removing their clothes[1]


  • J P Top Gear 20 June 1970 complete.mp3
  • 1:53:04
  • Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation.
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