• 1992-06-20
  • The show begins late, due to a live Dire Straits concert overrunning, causing JP to start the show by saying, with heavy sarcasm, 'I tell you what, it's been an honour to lose 13 minutes of the programme as a result of the marvellous music we've heard tonight on One FM from Dire Straits. I wish they could have kept going all night.'



Part One

(JP: 'It's a grim day in British broadcasting today, because until today, in this studio where I'm working, there were three turntables and two CD machines. Sometime during the day, they've come round and changed things, and there are now three CD machines and two turntables, and this means that I can't do those things that have delighted you so much over the years, where I play you little bits of records in between other records, so cleverly, sometimes getting it wrong but more often than not getting it right. I shan't be able to do that any more. Most frustrating.')
(news, slightly edited)
(JP: 'Stupendous, I think. I've said it before but it remains true. If these people came from Minneapolis, we'd be going mad for 'em.')
(JP: 'Do you find when it's hot and sweaty like this that you get disgusting red spots underneath your watch? What do you put on them to make them go away? It's really irritating.')

Part Two

(JP: 'I'm probably the last person in the world to hear this LP.')
(JP: 'In case you're wondering, as people do, which T-shirt I'm wearing tonight, because I know you're very fashion conscious, as I am myself, it's my brand new One By One T-shirt, which has got a very familiar logo on the front of it, and it says, 'Enemy Of The Public' on there as well, which obviously on a 52 year old bloke looks faintly ridiculous, but it fits, that's the main thing.')
(JP: I'm going to lose my voice before the end of this programme. I can tell, it's getting deeper and deeper and deeper and more exciting. You're loving it, aren't you, of course you are, and who can blame you for that, goodness knows? By the end of the programme it will have gone, and I've been discussing my cold with tonight's engineer. That's the kind of riveting thing we get up to...I was just wondering, what is snot for? I mean, what is the purpose behind it? Tell me, why is it that my fat little body's given itself over for the past week almost entirely to the generation of snot, and I want to know why?')
(JP: 'Who said romance was dead?')

Part Three

(1 a.m. news)
(Tape flip during this track)

Part Four

(JP finds a solution to his watch problem: Elastoplast. Trailer for Gary Davies show, promising 'pure quality' music)
(JP: 'But for now, back to impure quality.')
(JP: 'After the news, I shall be off to me mum's in Notting Hill Gate to take her to task for calling me John when she could have called me Wacky Eunice. What a great name that is.')
(JP: 'Well, that's pretty much your lot from me. Thanks very much for listening.')
(News, followed by Lynn Parsons)


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