• 2001-06-20
  • In this instalment of Kat's Karavan, JP mentions a recent encounter with Jeff Mills in Barcelona; states that due to popular demand last night's Belle & Sebastian session will be repeated next month (10 July 2001); says he likes the sound of Oxford's forthcoming Truck Festival ; chastises a listener for their bad grammar; explains how difficult it is to time the duration of records while driving at 80mph; reminds listeners of the forthcoming Strokes session (27 June 2001); tells a curious listener that there has been recent label interest in local lad Cowcube; conducts a competition to win a book by Arthur Mathews (most of the copies bought by JP himself as a present to the listener); reads out a dedication for the birth of someone's second child; searches for a record by someone from Texas; gets an email from Paul from Six by Seven; answers a listener's query as to why contractual restrictions lead to the destruction of early Peel session tapes; and plays the Commercial Breakup track at the wrong speed (eat a sweet).



(JP: "Oh this pop music, it's so noisy isn't it.")
  • Jeff Mills: 4 Art (12 inch 4 Art Ax 24)
  • Stereolab: Captain Easycord CD (si): Captain Easycord (Duophonic D-UHF=26)
  • Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia: Blind Spot/Invisible Bend (Peel Session)
  • D J Amadeus: Unknown (12 inch Whiston Road SQUAT==001)
  • Pram: Play Of The Waves (Balky Mule Rmx) CD: Somniloquy (Domino WIGCD=95P)
  • Detroit Cobras: Shout Bama Lama (an Otis Redding cover) CD: Life Love & Leaving (Sympathy for the rec SFTRI=635)
(JP: "That is so WIDE!")
  • Pascal Comelade: The Skatalan Logicofobism CD: Traffic D'Arbstraction (G38 G3PC=4)
  • Panoptica: And L EP: Nortec Collective (Palm pictures records PRV=0451)
(JP: "This is the sound of young Bury St Edmunds...")


  • a) John Peel 20-06-01.mp3
  • b) John Peel (Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia Session) 17.06.01
  • a) 02:00:20
  • b) 00:04:07, 00:04:36, 00:02:14, 00:03:22, 00:03:47
  • b) Session tracks with links - 320 kbps zip file
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