• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 2000-03-20
  • Start of show: "Given the fact that I always play records on this programme at the wrong speed, I thought I'd start the signature tune at the wrong speed, and it sounds rather good, I have to say. Sexy, wouldn't you say?"
  • Peel mentions his involvement with The Story Of The Undertones: Teenage Kicks, and that Feargal Sharkey was at Peel Acres recently.
  • John claims that the Hendrix track was always his favourite of Jimi's records.
  • This programme was recorded Monday 06 March 2000, as John mentions that he is doing a live programme with Luke Slater on the Wednesday (08 March 2000). It is a repeat of 13 March 2000 (BFBS).


  • None


(JP: 'I want you to know that this is the third time since I've started this first hour of John Peel's Music On BFBS. Somebody sent me a dodgy lot of mini-discs onto which I record the programmes, and the first one got 37 minutes into the first hour, and the second one 42. This is the third and I promise you the last one, 'cos it's now very late at night and I want to go to bed, to be perfectly honest with you, but I have some nice music for you, and will endeavour to stay awake, and I hope you will too.')
(JP: 'This is the band our William used to call the "Jimmy Jimmy Men" when he was a little lad.')
(JP: 'Of course, William doesn't call the Undertones the "Jimmy Jimmy Men" any longer, but he is 24 now.')
(JP: 'When I left the United States in 1967, I left behind an enormous box full of 7 inch singles: there must have been quite a few thousand in there. They never were returned to me, and I really regret that because there were some great records in there, and most of them I've not been able to replace. One that I was able to replace, though, was....')
(JP: 'And if you put the Ramones and the Ventures together, what would you have? The Ramonetures. Can't possibly happen, can it? Oh yes it can, and it has.')
(JP: 'Before the Undertones' Teenage Kicks came along, I always used to say that this was my all-time favourite record, and it does take some beating, even now.')


  • Peel Show 2000-03-20 (BFBS)
  • 01:52:22
  • Many thanks to Carsten from Berlin.
  1. Andy Kershaw sent this to Peel, and indeed appears in person at the end.
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