• 1978-10-20
  • Derby Box recording is not only complete but presented in sparkling sound.
  • Start of show: "Our signature tune seems unusually quiet tonight, not quite sure why that is, but it's a fairly rowdy programme, I can tell you that. It's been altered all the way right up until five to ten: I've been trying to re-sort it all out again. We've got four new tracks from the Skids for you, that's for sure: we've got three from the Albertos, including their Brotherhood Of ABBA soundalike, which is very good. It sounds almost too good in that it could easily be a hit record, I think. We've got two from Cabaret Voltaire, three from the new Status Quo album, three from Penetration and two from XTC, and a whole bunch of other stuff besides, of course. We start with..."
  • All four tracks from the Skids' new EP, two from XTC, old and new Buzzcocks music plus three from the B side of Penetration's Moving Targets. There are three from the latest Status Quo album: JP mentions how much he's liked them for a number of years, and still does. Also, three from the latest Albertos album. Peel describes their reggae version of 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone' as "a pretty authentic-sounding piece."
  • You don't hear too many like the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra. Check out their live TV performance of the track played here on YouTube. Peel says he's playing it for anyone with a dog or who is feeling down.
  • Unsure whether he is going to play the intended side of the Cabaret Voltaire EP as the labels have been reversed, but appears to carry this out OK.
  • Peel plays the Michel Magne track as a tranquil end for what he says has been a fairly exhausting week for him.


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(JP: 'Seem to be playing rather a lot of Penetration's album actually. And why not, goes up a hoarse cry from millions of throats.')

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  • a) 1978-10-20 John Peel Radio 1 DB023+DB025
  • b) 1978-10-20 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • a) 01:57:30
  • b) 00:45:48
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