• 2004-10-20
  • Siouxsie Sioux sits in for Peel while the great man is on holiday in Peru. For the other two shows that week, she was preceded by fellow guest presenters Underworld (19 October 2004) and followed by former Banshees member Robert Smith of the Cure (21 October 2004).
  • Plays tracks by both the Banshees and the Creatures.
  • Tom Waits finally gets a play on the John Peel show, even if not by the man himself. Actually, Siouxsie claims the track is for Budgie, her husband and fellow member of the Banshee and Creatures, whose first band was Big In Japan (the same name as the song).


  • n/a



  • T-Rex: Mambo Sun (LP - Electric Warrior) Reprise
  • Frank Sinatra: Night & Day
  • Iggy Pop: Funtime (LP - The Idiot) Virgin
  • Doors: Riders on the Storm (7" single) Old Gold
  • Devo: Satisfaction (LP - History of Punk Vol.1) Old Gold
  • Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (LP – The Ramones) Sire
  • Cramps: Garbage Man (single) (Big Beat)
  • Talking Heads: The Great Curve (LP - Remain in Light) Sire
  • Creatures: Godzilla (Tokyo Fist Mix) (LP - HA!) Sioux Records
  • David Bowie: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide (7" single) RCA
  • Roxy Music: Virginia Plain (LP - The Best of) Virgin
  • Brian Eno: Third Uncle (LP - Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy) Virgin
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson: Forces of Victory (LP - Forces of Victory) Mango
  • Can: Vitamin C (LP - Opener) Sunset
  • Jimi Hendrix: Manic Depression (LP - Smash Hits) Polydor - continues after file break



  • a) Sioux4Peel_20041020a.mp3
  • b) Sioux4Peel_20041020b.mp3
  • c) Siouxsie Sioux (In For John Peel) 20.10.04.mp3
  • a) 01:00:45
  • b) 01:03:00
  • c) 01:50:14
  • a) & b) Shared via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to Rocker.
  • c) 320 kbps (edited show).
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