• 1979-08-21
  • In their opening match of the new football season that evening, current champions Liverpool could only manage a 0-0 draw at home to Bolton Wanderers [1], prompting some disappointed comments from John. Bolton would eventually finish bottom of the league and be relegated.
  • Peel plays the single by the Trainspotters, not seeming to know that it's the work of his colleague Mike Read.
  • Last Saturday's gig at Harpole with the Cigarettes is mentioned. He'd been given the Zoom Club acetate by the band at the time.
  • Peel is sorry to hear of the cancellation of the festival in Derry that was being organised by the Undertones. The Clash were amongst the bands due to appear.
  • Tomorrow's night's programme by Mike Read is trailed. After reading out a lengthy list of the artists involved, Peel comments, "he's been picking up good stuff, young Mike."
  • Almost complete recording from the Derby Box.



File cuts in towards end of first track.
JP: "I'm still a bit stunned by the news from Anfield, I must confess. I was imagining it was going to be like 12-0 or something like that. Anyway. Make a more interesting season I suppose, one way or the other."
JP: "That's not bad you know, when you consider the band appear to be operating in an area where powerful displays of flatulence are considered to be the finest expressions of wit."
JP: "Millions? There must be thousands!"
  • Quads: There Must Be Thousands (7") Big Bear
JP: "Ah, sounds better every time I hear it."
JP: "I wish these bands would do longer numbers you know. As I've said before, it was great in the old days. They'd come in and they'd do about three eighteen minute numbers and the programme was a knockout! You just sat here and read the papers and things and watched the television. Now, you're jumping about all the time, you hardly have time to get one record on before it's time to get another one off. Or the other way round."
JP: "Still feeling a little subdued, to tell you the truth, after hearing that Liverpool - Bolton Wanderers result. That's thoroughly bizarre. Perhaps this will cheer me up."
JP: "Played it last night - seemed to have played it again tonight."
JP: "As regular listeners will know, anytime I play a record with the word city in the title, this gives me the excuse to play Jimmy Reed's 'Bright Lights Big City'. Am I going to do it this time? Hoho..."
JP: "Of course, back in 1959 there was a hit record called Teen Beat by Sandy Nelson."


  • 1979-08-21 John Peel Radio 1 DB100+DB101.mp3
  • 1:57:26
  1. Humburs was the name used for the collaboration between Trinity and Louie Lepkie
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