• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1997-08-21
  • "Hello boys and girls, it's another John Peel's Music On BFBS, and here's Dick."
  • John mentions a recent stay by his producer Alison, who brought him a compilation from which he plays three tracks.
  • The 1997 General Election had been held on 01 May 1997 and was won in a historic landslide victory by the Labour Party under Tony Blair. Discouraged from discussing it on the BBC due to rules on impartiality, Peel feels no such qualms here. He comments on never having voted for a winning candidate in any election: he is referring to the fact that despite his party's victory the elected MP in 1997 for his constituency (Bury St Edmunds) was David Ruffey, a Conservative.


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(JP: 'Looking at the bank of TV monitors here in the BFBS studios, there's somebody just been on there: to be honest, I can't hear what they're saying nor do I wish to really, but was billed as being an equities analyst, and I'm very pleased to say that, here I am, nearly 58 old and I have no idea what an equities analyst is at all, and I suspect that I shall get through my entire life without ever finding out. Also, on another one of the monitors was Paul Daniels. It must be a repeat because, wasn't he gonna leave the country if there was a Labour victory in the election? Actually, none of the people who said they were going to do that seem to have done it yet, but I look forward to their departure nevertheless.')
(JP: 'Go on Paul, clear off, we don't want you....Referring again back briefly to the Election, I've yet to vote for a winning candidate in any election at all, but I shall persevere.')
(JP: 'What an excellent record that is!....I'm wearing their T-shirt, dark green it is, and I'm afraid it's got traces of this morning's breakfast on it, but apart from that, rather handsome I think, and misshapen as a result of being stretched around me too, unfortunately.')


  • Peel Show 1997-08-21 (BFBS)
  • 01:54:03
  • Many thanks to Carsten.
  1. Peel says this is on the Fashion label, which also released Banton material, but on this occasion they were the publishers.
  2. Spice Girls cover.
  3. Northern Picture Library cover. Peel cannot remember their previous name (Field Mice).
  4. One of two tracks on the album featuring Paul Weller.
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