• 2000-12-21
  • Start of show: "Boy, am I glad to be home!"
  • Christmas special live from Peel Acres. As well as the session artists, the carol-singing choir also included members of Broken Dog, Rob from Monograph, Jason from Clearlake, production staff, family members, friends and locals. The local bell-ringers from Bucksall make their first appearance on the show.
  • David Gedge of Cinerama plays the guitar despite suffering an "industrial injury" to his hand.
  • Adrian Henri's death had been announced that morning, so Peel played a track of his (that he also happened to produce) and recounts that they amongst other things, they had watched the television coverage of when man first walked on the moon together.
  • Peel explains that the carols are done at one end of the house and everything else is done at the other, so he has to dash between them. This may go some way to explaining the slight sense of disorganisation about the show. Several times he starts playing the previous record again and on two occasions the wrong record is played.



File d begins

File d ends

(JP: 'In case discerning listeners noticed that my distinctive and lovely voice dropped out at the end of the first verse, that's 'cos Anita the producer, who's standing next to me, stuck her fingers in her ears, which I thought was absolutely uncalled-for.')


  • a) Peel 21-12-2000a.mp3
  • b) Peel 21-12-2000b.mp3
  • c) 2000 FF XMAS SPECIAL PARTS 1,2,3 (note incorrect file names)
  • d) jp001219 NOTE: file misdated
  • e) jp001221-
  • a) 00:61:49
  • b) 00:58:13
  • c) 00:44:09, 00:44:01, 00:46:00
  • d) 02:04:51 (from 01:26:36 to end)
  • e) 01:59:47
  1. JP had intended to play 'I Believe in Father Christmas' by Six by Seven instead of this.
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