• 2001-02-21
  • Start of show: "Thanks to Bethan and Huw. Off we go."
  • Peel laments the absence of his angle-poise light which he used to drum on: "There is one, but it's being tested, and you think, what do you need? To see if it works underwater or at altitude?!? We just want a light in the studio so we can see what we're doing, for Chrissake!"


  • Degrassi, #1. Recorded: 2001-01-21. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'That last track was from an LP issued by the BBC a very long time ago which I wish was still available in a way because you do occasionally get requests from people wanting to get a copy of it. It was called John Peel's Archive Things, because I used to do this programme late at night, and the theory behind it was that it was for truckers, which seemed to me extraordinarily patronising, really. It was a two-hour programme and I did the first hour and then a really nice man called Jon Curle did the second hour, and as we got to know each other better, we kind of bled into each other's programmes and it ended up by being the John and Jon programme, pretty much. I used to have two copies of this record and I'd have given you the other one, but I already gave it to Jimmy Page, to do a bit of cosmic name-dropping: not actually in person, but he wrote and asked me where he could get it, and I thought, I'll send him my spare copy. Not a word of thanks, but that's showbiz for you, I suppose.')


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