• 1980-01-21
  • Start of show: "It's the world's most wonderful human being here with you again, and after a weekend of tears, we put the Coventry business behind us, I hope, for the rest of the season (Liverpool had lost 1-0 against Coventry on Saturday). On tonight's programme, sessions from Lene Lovich and the Leyton Buzzards. Records from the Bassacks, Flying Lizards, Specials, Revillos, Scritti Politti, Danny & The Dressmakers (with one of the shortest records I've ever heard), Slayfinger, the Lillettes, Delta 5, Medium Medium, Crass, Mikey Dread, new single from Stiff Little Fingers, the B side of the latest from the Selecter, and a lot of other stuff besides. We're going to start with the Leyton Buzzards, though, sounding rather different."
  • Peel gets carried away and plays three successive Howlin' Wolf tracks from the same old LP.
  • The middle part of the tracklisting below comes from T427 which is labelled "January 1980". The Lene Lovich session track definitely pins at least part of this segment to the date, though the segments following the edits might be from other shows, though this is considered unlikely. The third part is from the file "208-800121b.aif", also from the 400 Box, on T208. The other side of T208, containing the start of the show on 208-800121a.aif, has now been shared (many thanks to B).


  • Leyton Buzzards, #4. Recorded 1980-01-14. No known commercial release.
  • Lene Lovich, #2 (rpt). Recorded 1979-12-03. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Did you hear me on the request programme yesterday afternoon? I was terrific, I can tell you. At the time, I did mention I'd done a gig the night before in Aylesbury: I was rotten there, I must confess, but the bands, Dolly Mixture and the Capital Letters and Dexy's Midnight Runners were very good.')
(JP: "One reads constantly - well, not constantly - every once in a while kind of whispers in the music papers about an impending R&B revival and one does occasionally get records from rather wimpy R&B bands. For those of you unsure what it is supposed to sound like, this is what it is supposed to sound like.")



(tape cuts out)


  • a) (208)800121a
  • b) 1980-01-21 Tape 427.mp3
  • c) 208-800121b.aif
  • a) 00:39:04
  • b) 00:34:23
  • c) 00:38.48
  1. Announced by Peel as coming from Vol 4 of the series, but this appears to be incorrect.
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