• 1980-07-21
  • Peel & John Walters decided to make this an all records show as there was so much good stuff waiting to be played, "..31 of them in all..". Not clear why it was so urgent to play a Beatles track though. Hardly cutting edge in 1980 - but "And Your Bird Can Sing" was one of his abiding favourites by them..
  • Unusually the 400 Box show is a pause button edit.
  • The Hinton Box show is split into two sections, with the last 14 minutes of the show (and 3 minutes of news) unique to this file.
  • The Derby Box show runs from the start to 93 minutes. Therefore only 12 minutes and 3 tracks are missing.


  • All Records Show


(JP: 'Me too curiously enough, because they don't seem to mean the same thing as they meant a few years ago. This is perhaps why I use the same 25 words in strict rotation.') §
(JP: 'Thing is, you've got to get in the saddle first before you can stay in it. There's something to keep you awake at nights, staring at the ceiling, mulling over these philosophies.') §
(JP: 'That's by far the best thing on there, I'd perhaps better warn you...I shall certainly play you that again too. On tomorrow night's programme, let me remind you, all three of the sessions that we've had over the years from the Ruts, played in their entirety and hopefully without interruption, so I hope you'll listen to that, and thanks very much for listening to tonight's. Goodnight.') §
  • (midnight news with Bill Reynolds: government pushes ahead with privatisation) §


  • 1) 1980-07-21 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete).flac
  • 2) BH004 JP 1980-07-21 Side A
  • 3) 1980-07-21 Peel Show DB182
  • 1) 00:50:59
  • 2) 00:25:23 (show ends 22:43) (14:19 unique)
  • 3) 01:33:30
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