• 1992-03-21
  • William is in the studio, and JP urges him to play a choir sound on a synthesizer.
  • John feels that oldie stations will be the death of music, since they only play the most obvious records.
  • The Big Three are played pursuant to the Little Richard cover version search.
  • The show is now complete.


  • Papa Sprain, #1. Recorded 1992-01-05. No known commercial release.
  • Silverfish, #3 (rpt). Recorded 1991-11-26. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'My thanks to the people at The Memoirs Of Seth Bottomley, which is the Port Vale fanzine, and I'm afraid they don't have a great deal to laugh about at the moment: they lost 1-0 today at Milwall as well. In the note that accompanies it, they talk about the new hours for these programmes. They say, "Your times seem to alter more than the times on a West Midlands Police Force confession." Just kidding lads, I'm sure: is that the sound of doors splintering I hear there?')
(JP: 'Do we have fun or what? A nation rises up in the night and cries no.)


  • 1) Tape_07b.mp3
  • a) 1992-03-21 Peel Show L154
  • b) 1992-03-21 Peel Show L185
  • c) Peel Show 1992-03-21 (incomplete)
  • d) 1992-03-21 Peel Show L267
  • 2) Pappa Sprain 21-3-02.mp3
  • 1) 00:47:05
  • a) 00:14:40
  • b) 00:36:50
  • c) 01:20:49
  • d) 00:35:51
  • 2) 01:40:36
  • a) Created from L154 and b) from L185 and d) from L267 of SL Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22
  • c) Created from L079 of SL Tapes. Digitised by ML, edted and tracks listed by SIG. This file appears to be two separate discontinuous segments of show spliced together.
  • 2) Many thanks to Ian. Good quality stereo at 128kbps. Appears to be running slightly slowly.
  1. John calls this merely 'Tribute', for obvious reasons.
  2. John may have the title of this track wrong. He says that it plays from the inside out, and on this would be 'Dat Side', which does not contain 'Infiltrator.' Thus, it is probably 'The Thinking Man' or 'Tension.'
  3. This is listed as Needless People on BBC Keeping It Peel site.
  4. John urges us in no uncertain terms to ignore the synthesizer on this track.
  5. Part of John Peel's Record Box.
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