• 2002-03-21
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  • Datsuns: Transistor (7" - Fink For The Man) Hellsquad
  • I Roy: Full Warning (7") Fe-Me-Time FMT 012
  • Fog: Truth And Laughing Gas (album - Fog) Ninja Tun ZEN 62 ¤
  • Ballboy: All the Records On The Radio Are Shite (EP) SL lone 15 ¤
  • Loxy And Ink: Twisted Third Mind (12")
  • Mclusky: To Hell With Good Intentions (7" EP) Too Pure PURE124S
  • Lilienthal: Isn't So (album - Tin Grey Black) Static Caravan VAN 26
  • Enchanters: I Want To Thank You (compilation album - Bertha's Soul)
  • Soul Center: Lopster (2x12" - III) NovaMute ‎– NoMu 89 LP
  • Ikara Colt: Here We go Again (album - Chat And Business) Fantastic Plastic FPCD005
  • JP - 'I first heard this last week at home, and I put it in, timing it and listening to it, and my wife Sheila came in and said "this is an amazing record" and she was absolutely right, and I played it in the radio on my progarammes in Britain, every night since, it's just a hugely successful records. I mean, it's not going to make the charts or anything like that, but what good record does these days. Bitter old man, obviously! But it is just fantastic, no question about it at all. It's a dancey thing, there's a bit of everything there, there's a bit of 303 towards the end, and also in the middle of it there's a bit - if you ever go to kids' entertainments, kids' plays, we have a thing called pantomimes in this country, I don't know if you have an equivalent there, you very likely do, they always have dances with elves, elves dancing, or possibly in Finland, trolls dancing, I don't know at all, but anyway a bit in the middle that would be suitable for a troll dance, as you will hear.'
  • Mark Smith vs Safe n Sound: Identify The Beat (split 12" with DJ Kevin Energy vs Safe n Sound - Identify The Beat / Creators Game) Bonkerz BKR007
  • Melt Banana: Creeps In A White Cape (split 7" with Locust - Split) Gold Standard Laboratories GSL 48
  • Mighty Diamonds: Fight It Out There (12") Real Wax RW1014
  • Charlene: Talk Me Down (single)
  • Organ Donors: Radio Waves (Überdruck Mix) (12") Sectioned Recordings SECTIOND 002


  • JP020321_RM.mp3
  • 1:05:59
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