• 1979-05-21
  • Almost complete recording available from the Derby Box. Less than ten minutes at the start of the programme is missing.
  • BH006 of the Hinton Box features three tracks from the session, including one not on the 400 Box version. These tracks are marked with a §.
  • Earlier that evening, Peel had spotted graffiti left by the Undertones in one of the toilets in Broadcasting House.
  • Peel refers to Link Wray's latest single ("It's All Over Now Baby Blue") as "frightful". He also notes archly that Simon Bates has chosen it as his single of the week.



(File g cuts in during first session track)
  • Ruts: Society (Peel Session)
JP: "Now if you had the chance to go and see the Ruts or to go and see David Bowie on the same night, which would you go and see? I'd go and see the Ruts myself."
Peel has received a letter from Gay Advert, asking him to play the Visitors' single.
(File a cuts in during next track)
JP: "And these days, every night when I retire, I kneel at the end of my bed and ask Kenny to restore Lee Perry to working condition."
JP: "That's not bad, is it?" §
(Flip to file b near start of above track)
(Flip to file c near start of above track)
(Flip to file d)
JP: "What would you expect to find in a skid room? Well, Skids. Even Peter Powell would be ashamed of a link like that!"
  • Skids: Masquerade (7") Virgin VS262
  • Ruts: It Was Cold (Peel Session) §
(Flip to file e)
(File e cuts out as next track starts)
JP: "Well, I told you it was a good session, didn't I, and that's the last from it." §
End of the show.


  • a) 079-peel 790521a.mp3
  • b) 080-790521b.mp3
  • c) 080-790521c.mp3
  • d) 081-790521d.mp3
  • e) 081-790521e.mp3
  • f) BH006 JP 1979-05-21 Side B
  • g) 1979-05-21 John Peel Radio 1 DB078+DB079.mp3
  • a) 00:13:03
  • b) 00:21:10
  • c) 00:21:41
  • d) 00:20:04
  • e) 00:10:52
  • f) 00:11:24
  • g) 1:53:32
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