• 1980-05-21



  • File 2 starts at beginning of show
  • Spiders: Mony Mony (7”) Red
  • Tagmemics: Take Your Brain Out For A Walk (7” – Chimneys) Index
  • Frankie Jones: Cool Daddy (7”)
  • UK Decay: Rising From The Dead (session)
  • Beat: Rough Rider (LP – I Just Can't Stop It) Go-Feet
  • Monoconics: Vox Pop (session)
  • Echo & The Bunnymen: Rescue (12”) Korova sounds like John or the producer faded down the track after an unexpectedly loud opening.
  • Basement 5: Silicone Chip (7”) Island
  • Books: Broadcast (7”) Logo
  • Camera 3: The Solution To All Problems (7” – Russians In Space) Service
    File 1 starts
  • Captain Sinbad & Little John: A-1 Sound (7” – Modeling) Youth In Progress
  • tape flip on File 2
  • UK Decay: Sexual (session)
  • File 1 pauses
  • Undertones: Boys Will Be Boys (LP – Hypnotized) Sire
  • Undertones: Tearproof (LP – Hypnotized) Sire
  • File 1 resumes
  • Monoconics: People Will Talk (session)
  • (JP: 'Really rather looking forward to this weekend now. I was dreading it earlier on, the forthcoming weekend, because I have to go to Holland, and I'm not very good actually when I go to foreign countries, to be honest with you. I'm very much the Little Britain when I get there, very nervous and apprehensive, "what are they going to do to me?", you know. I've got to drive down to south Holland, and the car could go wrong, what are they going to do, are they going to steal the hubcaps, the entire car, the wheels, who knows what? When I get there, though, to compere the Pink Pop Festival, I really enjoyed myself a great deal last year. There were some hideous bands on, like Rush, who I stood and watched from the far edge of the auditorium and screamed with laughter throughout almost their entire performance. But they did have this marvellous swimming pool backstage, you see. And all of the people backstage, as they are at festivals in this country, are all like, very groovy, very beautiful and also very Dutch as well. There were a lot of beautiful flaxen-haired children, and beautiful flaxen-haired dogs, and so on. I take a savage delight in being the British oaf in those circumstances. I went swimming, though, and all these beautiful people lounging around it who never go into the water at all. I take a savage delight in wandering down there, and I'm not an impressive sight when I'm stripped to the waist, it must be said, jumping into the pool in my underpants...gross, disgusting. And I shall be doing that again at the weekend.')
  • Splodgenessabounds: Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please (7” - Simon Templer) Deram
  • (JP: 'Are you listening there in the Dover Castle? It's difficult for me to get served because I'm not a thrusting young turk with an ad agency, and I don't have a BMW parked in the mews outside.')
  • File 1 pauses
  • Piranhas: Yap-Yap-Yap (7”) Attrix
  • File 1 resumes
  • Bill Nelson: Do You Dream In Colour? (7”) Cocteau COQ 1
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson: Bass Culture (LP – Bass Culture) Island
  • (faded out)
  • File 1 fades track out. Intro to next track then cuts out again.
  • Fall: Cary Grant's Wedding (LP – Totales Turns (It's Now Or Never)) Rough Trade
  • Kevin Coyne: Mad Boy No. 2 (LP – Bursting Bubbles) Virgin
  • File 1 resumes
  • Fashion: A Deeper Cut (7” – Silver Blades) Fashion
  • Clash: Bankrobber (7” – Rudy Can't Fail) (import)
  • (JP: 'Well, Garry Bushell doesn't like that, and although I love Garry Bushell like a brother, I think on this occasion he's got it wrong.')
  • UK Decay: For My Country (session)
  • Monoconics: Such A Shame (About You) (session)
  • File 2 ends 53s into above track
  • Freddie McKay & Trinity: Come Together (12”)
  • File 1 fades above track out and ends.
  • Honey Bane: Boring Conversations (7” - You Can Be You) Crass
  • Specials: Rat Race (7”) Two-Tone
  • Razors: Stolen Life (LP – Untitled) Rock-O-Rama
  • Razors: We Love You (LP – Untitled) Rock-O-Rama @
  • UK Decay: Unwind Tonight (session)
  • Monoconics: Exit Stage Left
  • Lee Andrews & The Hearts: Lonely Lonely Nights (unknown release)
  • Track marked @ available on File 3


  • 1) 1980-05-21 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete)
  • 2) 1980-05-21 Peel Show DB171 DB172.mp3
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  • 2) 01:27:51
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