• 2002-05-21
  • Start of show: “Hey!”
  • AC Acoustics have split up since the recording of the night’s session (the story is related on the John Peel's Scottish Sessions documentary). Other sessions due this week are Jeff Mills (Wed.) and Ronnie Ronalde (Thur.).
  • JP: ”Apologies for last Thursday’s programme, or the absence of a live programme from Peel Acres. Truth of the matter is that the lines went down and the ISDN lines were not working, so we weren’t able to do the programme, and I apologize for that.”
  • Peel says the original of the Bunny & Ricky track (a Lee Perry production) was among the records stolen from his car in Amsterdam about 15 years before.
  • The Aphrodisiacs track (“title unknown”) is played as a demo from a big pile JP was working through at the weekend. The band subsequently signed to SL and did two Peel sessions, while the unknown song became the title track of their debut album and came #49 in the 2002 Festive Fifty.
  • A reader sends a show tracklisting from an unidentified date in the mid-1980s (1984?): “Sick Of You, The Users; the Velvelettes are in there; Black Roses, Naturalites, Black Uhuru; Lonnie Mac – two Lonnie Mac tunes actually – Baby, What’s Wrong? and Memphis; Rub-A-Dub, Sugar Minott; Oh! Brother, The Fall; Come Back, Wah; and The Upstroke by Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes, which was the first record ever made by Stock, Aitkin and Waterman – and I was the first person to play one of their records on the radio. So whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, it’s up to you to decide.”
  • Mary Ann Hobbs speculates that Peel’s house on reality TV would be something like Ozzy Osbourne’s.
  • JP’s son Tom Ravenscroft has recommended the Universal Project track.



(JP: “This is a record that was all over the radio in Big D, which is where I was living in 1963, and has been a favourite of mine ever since.”)
(JP: “If you’re listening, lads, thanks for many years of pleasure.”)


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  • Many thanks to B!
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