• 1992-11-21
  • File c is in fact composed of two non-continuous portions of the show. The newly available file d slots in the middle and now completes the show.



JP: "This is another one of the records I found whilst searching for the missing Little Richard cover."
(JP: 'Are there loads of records by Eddy 'Buster' Forehand? And if there are, how come I've never heard any of them?')
(JP: 'You may have read somewhere that at their Albert Hall do, was it last night, they gave away copies of a free 10” single that included a recording of Into the Tunnel taken from the session prior to this one produced and engineered by Mike Robinson, date of first broadcast 15th December 1991, and apparently we have 10 copies of this to give away in a thrilling competition, and it's been a while since we had a thrilling competition and as soon as I think of a suitable question, a thrilling competition we will most assuredly have.')
(“This is a record, one of my favourites, and every once and a while I think it’s time I played that one again and because the name of the artist begins with an F it occurred to me again this week. My own copy of this record is slightly damaged actually so I had to get it out of the BBC Record Library and theirs is slightly damaged as well, but probably not as damaged as mine. This is Don French and Lonely Saturday Night.')
  • Don French: 'Lonely Saturday Night (7")' (London) §
  • File 1 ends
(JP: 'Well actually on reflection I think the BBC Record Library copy is in worse nick than mine. I’d like a good copy if anyone’s got one to spare to buy. On London Records but first came out on Quality records in Canada.') [1]
(JP: 'A spunky bunch, I'm sure you'll agree.')
(JP: 'This is Buzz Hungry. Now Johnnie Walker has started to take an occasional record off me to play in his radio programmes on Saturday afternoons on 1 FM, and I gave him a handful of things from which he could choose and he said that the Buzz Hungry record was the one he liked best of those – I’m not sure if he played it, but if he did I’m jolly glad that he did.')


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  • File 1: 1992-11-21 Peel Show patestapes Flamin' Lips : House Of Love
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  1. Since two copies were found in John Peel's Record Box, maybe they did. Further details here.
  2. David Bowie cover. Peel says it is "the last from them tonight", so this may well come from much later in the show.
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