• 2000-11-21
  • (From Alan, Peel Mailing List) Here's another partial show. It's the last 83 mins of a 2-hour show (10 - midnight), followed by the news and about 5 mins of Mary Anne Hobbs.
  • The show is now complete from other sources
  • Start of show: "Come on then, keep it moving, keep it moving."


  • Sodastream, one and only session. Recorded 2000-11-14. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'This is the first from Sodastream, from Australia of course. We've been trying to get them in for a session since we heard that first single of theirs a couple of years ago, obviously with no success until now.)
(JP: 'That is a fine noise they make, isn't it?') [1]

File a starts here

(JP: 'Well, I listened in vain for the words A Drum to crop up in that one: maybe I got that wrong too.')
(JP: 'I'll just fade that one down so I don't play it again. Always a danger of that sort of thing I'm afraid, because the CD players here at Peel Acres are behind me, so I can't actually see which one I should be able to. There should be kind of warning lights, god knows, but there ain't.')
(JP: 'Never did find Lynn's notes on Sodastream, so I shall have to read them out to you in a loud and clear voice tomorrow night.')


  • a) Peel-2000-11-21-Sodastream-a
  • b) Peel-2000-11-21-Sodastream-b
  • c) John Peel (Sodastream Session) 21.11.00
  • d) jp001121
  • e) 2000-11-21 Peel Show LE686
  • a) 00:45:34
  • b) 00:45:41
  • c) 00:05:03, 00:02:40, 00:02:59, 00:03:54
  • d) 02:00:14
  • e) 02:00:00
  1. John then mistakenly calls the track 'A Drum.'
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