• 1987-10-21


  • Stupids #3. Recorded: 1987-10-13.


(JP: 'This is from the Bad Boy Orchestra. I wish I could remember the bloke who given me this if I ever indeed knew it, cause I should like to find out where he got it from. I think he told me he brought it back from New York. Well I'm not even quite sure about that. More importantly I should like to know where to get more, well not the same exactly, but similar, Bad Boy Orchestra, Do You Wanna Dance')
(JP: 'And the other day somebody brought a round a whole bunch of 12 inches from Factory records, varying degrees of quality of course almost inevitably, could hardly expected to be all exactly the same. The one I enjoyed the most though, comes from France I believe, from Fadela and it's called N'Sel Fik')
(JP: 'Where are we now? I completely lost my place, I was hoping to tell you what was on the Friday Rock Show this week, but I can't find any information about it, but doubtless Tommy would approve of this I think')
(JP: 'Not what you call an easy listening I suppose, that's the Dustdevils and that comes from The Dropping Well EP on Rouska records and that was Mother Shipton and what was I going to say to you, something quite riveting at this point, oh yes my thanks to a Billy Mackenzie from Port Glasgow, for sending me birthday wishes for the Pig, whose birthday is next Tuesday. She's the one who ought to be actually on Jonathan Ross' programme and Wogan and so on.')

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  • 1) 020A-B3643XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 2) The Stupids (UK) John Peel session # 2. 21st October 1987 (Remastered)
  • 3) CUT UPS 5 1987 C90 (John Peel - Hip Hop, House, Go-Go, Dance) Oct - Nov 1987
  • 1) 1:57:57
  • 2) 0:07:07
  • 3) 1:37:09 (1:02:02 - 1:20:44)
  • 1) Recordings at the British Library
  • 2) Many thanks to The Uncouth Youth
  • 3) Many thanks to Andrew Paul Shaw
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