• 1991-09-21
  • The Viv Stanshall session ('The Thing At Rawlingson End') does not appear to be listed by Ken Garner in The Peel Sessions except as a repeat, although it doesn't seem to be a repeat of Stanshall's #14 session ('Cackling Gas Capers'), first broadcast 06 April 1991.
  • Peel says he first heard the Moondog track he plays here in the mid-1960s in Frank Hessey's music shop in Liverpool. The CD reissue prompted JP to try and get the blind street musician in for a session, but this hadn't been possible while he was still in the country.


  • Gore #3 First broadcast. Recorded 1991-07-09. No known commercial release.
  • Vivian Stanshall unknown session (#15?). Recording date unknown. No known commercial release.


File 1 cuts in near end of first track

Pause in file 1 at 43:38

File a begins

(JP: “'Get thee behind me, Stryper,' I think is certainly amongst the top five song lines of the year, to say the very least.”)

File 1 resumes

File 1 pauses

(JP recounts embarrassments of recent visit to Royal Academy pop art exhibition opening)

File 1 resumes during next track

File a ends and File b begins

(When Peel was typing up the show running order that afternoon, the Coral Autumn Cup winner crossed the line just as he typed the following record)
(Peel played tracks from the new Nirvana LP [Nevermind, released 1991-09-24] the previous weekend from a DAT transferred to reel to reel tape – “so much for technology”)

File b pauses

File 1 cuts out 1:52 into above track

File b resumes

File b ends


  • a) 1991-09-21 L045.1
  • b) 1991-09-21 1991-10-12 L045.2
  • 1) 1991-09-21 Peel Show R127
  • 2) 1991-09-xx-10-xx Peel Show LE117
  • 45.13
  • 46.04 (to 22.07, continues with 12 October 1991)
  • 1) 1:33:57
  • 2) 1:36:20 (45:25-52:50) (to 49:21 unique)