• 1983-08-22
  • An incomplete Peel show covering the first 1 hour and 40 minutes.
  • Peel responds to a listener's letter asking him to play a record which he used to play on the pirate ships. Peel proceeds to play a track from Phillip Goodhand-Tait And the Stormsville Shakers, which he says is his favourite band's name.
  • Peel mentions Sue Steward showing him a record from Guinea featuring the artist Les Amazones De Guinée, who are African police women and he then says that she took it away after saying that it was a good record.
  • Peel mistakenly calls the African Star track as You So Rude instead of You Too Rude.
  • Peel mentions he wanted to be an archaeologist when he was young, but was horrified that he needed Science to become one.
  • Peel mentions reading Philip Ziegler's Black Death book, which he found depressing.
  • Peel mentions that the Pig rang up to say that he was in a children's comic called the Bunty.
  • The symbol # is found in File 3 and comes from edited highlights of David Jensen and John Peel shows from period dated in title. No links.Taken from Karl's Tape 25 - August 1983.



(JP: 'A good ole good one from yesteryear, Altered Images, A Days Wait, I think that was recorded back in one of those periods when it was alright to like Altered Images I'm not quite sure, probably because it was produced by Steve Severin and frankly I've become so confused whether it's alright to like them or not these days that I've giving up trying to keep up with it')
(JP: 'It seems to be a long time since we heard from Toten Hosen and I had requests mainly from people at Peel Acres actually to play Bommerlunder once again, so here it comes I'm afraid, here's a real song for you')
(JP: 'I wonder what became of the Table')
(Audio ends)


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