• 2002-08-22
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres after an absence of a couple of weeks.
  • Driving back home that evening, Peel had listened to 'Bob Harris Country' on Radio 2, as was his custom. He expresses his general dissatisfaction with the music played on the show once more: "Much of what he plays isn't really as I understand it, Country. It's kind of Country Rawk of a rather turgid nature." He was further annoyed when Harris played a track from the new Laura Cantrell LP before he did.
  • Peel had intended to play the Grooverider track '560 Degrees' but played a different track by mistake. He promises to play the planned track in next Tuesday's show, 27 August 2002 (but appears not to have done, or ever to do so).
  • Sheila is "very relieved" that Ipswich Town midfielder Matt Holland has turned down a move to Aston Villa, despite the clubs agreeing a £4m fee. JP: "If we had £4m we'd buy him, wouldn't we? Put him in the corner here in the room. It would be nice, wouldn't it? He seems like a decent bloke."
  • Peel plays two versions of the same song by Chris Barber's Jazz Band, which feature Lonnie Donegan on vocals. The first is a live version and the second a studio version, which he prefers - "when I first heard this, I experienced some kind of spontaneous ejaculation."



Peel announces the Lianne Hall track but plays the next Yeah Yeah Yeahs session track instead.
JP: "Well I know it's grossly self-indulgent to do that, and I apologise in a way, and I don't often do that sort of thing. But it is nearly my birthday, after all."


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