• 1996-12-22
  • Second part of 1996 Festive Fifty.
  • For only the second time since 1992, a session is broadcast during the Festive Fifty run: Billy Bragg and his guitar, live on air. Billy also engages in some banter with JP during which he accuses John of being an 'impulse buyer', which Peel does little to deny.
  • Newly available File 3 is a sound upgrade where it overlaps


  • Billy Bragg #9, live on air in studio. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'Later on, Billy Bragg's going to be singing one or two songs to us, if we can drag him away from this rather fine programme on Channel 4 which he's watching at the moment.')

1996 Festive Fifty: Numbers 37-27

File 3 cuts in during next track

File 3 pauses

(JP: 'Blinking weirdos...This next record, I had to go out and buy yesterday, and it's filed under 'Rap' at HMV Records in Oxford Street, London. I don't think it's a rap record at all.')

File 3 resumes

(JP: 'This would have been a lot higher if the Festive Fifty had been entirely down to me: it would have been in my top five, no question, top 2 even, perhaps number one, who can say. But this is your number 30.') [2]

File 3 ends near start of above track

(JP: 'Probably the most played record at Peel Acres this year.')
(JP: 'I gave my copy of that, being a very generous kind of chap, to the BBC in Manchester, to the Radcliffe programme, and they had to send me a DAT with that track on it.')
(JP: 'More Festive Fifty next weekend, and here's Stewart Maconie.')


  • a) JP961222 a-c
  • b) Peel Show 1996-12-22
  • c) 1996-12-22 Peel Show MY05.mp3
  • a) 00:52:13, 00:48:39, 00:20:53
  • b) 01:57:09
  • c) 00:37:15
  • a) Good quality at 256 kbps
  • b) Virtually the entire show edited into one file: many thanks to Bill.
  • c) Created from MY05 of Mystery Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22
  1. During this, John claims he has never hosted a session live on air before: actually, he did this with Bragg the year before, and P.J. Harvey on one occasion.
  2. Which he then plays at the wrong speed.
  3. Mark Whitby notes (in 'The Festive Fifty', Nevin Publishing, p. 43) that the previous year Dick, at 58 years of age, had become the oldest man to place a Festive Fifty entry, and with this track he beat his own record.
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