• 1988-02-22
  • Start of show: "When you hear this programme dear friends, I shall be in Moscow, MOCKBA[1] as they seem to spell it over there, doing research on effect of intense cold on obesity. In tonight's programme we have for you, lots of world music, The Bhundu Boys in session along with the Triffids, and from Iceland."  
  • Peel starts a first in three pre-recorded programmes of music being played outside Britain and North America, whilst he is in Russia doing a documentary called John Peel In Russia. All tracks marked by brackets in italics denotes the country of origin of the artist.
  • Peel plays a Dissidenten track called Inshalla, requested by Robert Lloyd.
  • Peel mentions reading a letter from a Finnish female listener on his Rock Radio show who mentioned that one day she would like to touch his breasts, which Peel said she might enjoy.



(JP: 'The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience who despite what you maybe thinking, come from New Zealand')
(JP: 'Now the Bhundu Boys in session and actually I'm suppose to be going to Zimbabwe in about a month's time, so if I don't get to see, if they're not back over here, I get to see them over there hopefully')
(JP: 'This comes from Brazil, one of the very few records I got from South America, from Fellini, Rock Europeu')

Tracks marked # available on File 1

Tracks marked @ available on File 2

Tracks marked $ available on File 4


  • 1) C113 The Peel Sessions Vol.13
  • 2) C108b And Err That's A Bit Of The Label Too.mp3
  • 3) 020A-B9594XXXXXXX-0100A0[1].mp3
  • 4) John Peel 3rd February 1986
  • 1) 1:33:46 (32:06-59:42)
  • 2) 0:45:37 (06:50-21:31)
  • 3) 1:57:35
  • 4) 1:00:58 (until 0:05:44)
  • 1)2) Many thanks to mr_maudlin
  • 3) Recordings at the British Library
  • 4) Many thanks to gdgbd
  1. The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, where the city of Moscow is written as Москва́, which in English is pronounce as Moskva.
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