• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1992-02-22
  • 'I want you to know that it’s a nerve racking business following Julian Clary cause I’m always terrified he’s going to say something.'


  • Loudspeaker, their one and only session. Recorded 26th January 1992. No known commercial release.
  • Revolver, repeat of their one and only session. Originally broadcast on 23rd November 1991. Recorded on 12th September 1991. Song 'Not Mad' available on the Strange Fruit CD / 10" LP Hut Recordings / The Peel Sessions.


(JP: ‘And this is record which I’ve being seeing write ups about in the music papers particularly the dance pages thereof for some weeks now saying that it was going to transform the whole of the nature of dance music and so forth. And I’m not much of an expert in this area, as I’m not much of a dancing man, particularly since the webbing slipped. But I think you’d be hard put to dance to this; but it is a great record.’)

  • File 2
  • Kar: Take Control (12”) S And B Records (continued)
  • Libby Forbert’s recording of the station announcer at Birmingham New Street Station
  • Loudspeaker: It’s Wasn’t Me (session)
  • Otis Redding: There Goes My Baby (CD - It’s not just Sentimental) Ace
  • Catherine Wheel: Flower to Hide (CD – Ferment) Fontana
  • Flying Saucer: Sandy Says (7” EP – Plastic Fruit) Homestead
  • Revolver: Wave (session)
  • Smith & Mighty: Too Late (12” EP - Steppers Delight) Three Stripe
(JP: ‘And a couple of records arrived during the week from Drag City Records in Chicago. 7” singles as previously. No CD’s for these blighters. And the first of them is by Burnout’.
  • Burnout: Lounge (7”) Drag City
  • Mantis: Who Wants To Be a Camel (7”) Drag City
  • Human Beings: Like A Drug (Part 2) (12” - Safe Sex EP) Sew Saw
  • The Fall: Return (CD single - Free Range) Cog Sinister

  • File 4
  • Problem House: Here It = N.R.G. (12” - Vol III) Hithouse Records (continued)
(JP: ‘This energy of which you speak. Describe it to me.’)
(JP: ‘Noisy, noisy boys. Loudspeaker in session’.)


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