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  • 1989-07-22
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  • From Peel 110 (BFBS) and Peel 111 (BFBS)
  • Sound quality Ok but the telltale sign of a thermostat interfering with the FM signal is apparent


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(JP: 'In case you thought I was rather gabbling my last two or three links, for various technical reasons, the first hour of these programmes has to be exactly an hour long, otherwise I turn into a pumpkin. Actually, I think I've turned into a pumpkin anyway, but I was going to say about L.L. Cool J., who was mentioned earlier on, cos somebody'd written in and asked what was his new LP like, and I dismissed it as a load of sexist codswallop, which is not too extreme a judgement by any means, I think. L.L. Cool J was first revealed as a bit of a ninny when I read in one of the music papers, I think it was the NME, that he'd fired the bloke whose job it was, when L.L. Cool J was on stage - I assume it was when he was on stage, it might have been when he was walking through the streets, I simply don't know - but there was a bloke in his entourage whose job it was, wherever L.L. Cool J went, to point to what my brother Alan referred to as his sub-navel delights. I just love the idea of this guy going to the Employment Agency and being asked what his previous job was, and wondering if this would catch on: intellectuals would hire people to go around pointing at their heads all the time.')


  • 1) Peel 110
  • 2) Peel 111
  • 1) 00:46:52 (from 8:51)
  • 2) 00:47:16 (to 20:33)
  • Many thanks to Dirk.
  1. Magazine cover.
  2. Cover of Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side.