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  • 1991-07-22
  • Peel plays some Kenyan tracks which he bought when holidaying in the country in the 70’s.


(Theme tune of Radio Bremen Vier)
(Peel talks about listening to so many records and finds one that takes him by surprise, due to the record not sounding anything he has heard before. He plays several tracks from the EP.)
  • Puff Tube: Soul Finger / Shriek Bum Limbo / Circus Freak / Midget Tolerance (2x7" - Emergency Peanut) Scat
  • Hoovers: Mr Average (7") Produce
  • Richie Stephens: Never Too Much (7") Penthouse
  • Manual Scan: For Jamie (7" - Days And Maybes...) Susstones
  • Acid Rain Dance: Schreiende Leiber (7" - Acid Rain Dance) Skuld Releases (Peel mistakenly calls the band Acid Rain Damage)
  • Solo: Rainbow (12") Reverb
  • FSK: Vatikan Oberek (LP - Son Of Kraut) Sub-Up
  • Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Jhoole Jhoole Lal (Radio Mix) (12" - Jewel) Star
(JP: "And here's yet another band from Minneapolis. Minneapolis seems to be this year's Seattle")
  • Monster Zero: My Kingdom (7") Rocket Sound
  • Chain Of Strength: Hurts To Ask (7" - What Holds Us Apart) First Strike
(Peel drags a record which he bought in Kenya during a holiday in the 70's)
(News in the German language)
(Peel says the word 'Fucking' when reading the record title)
(Peel plays another record from his 70's Kenyan holiday collection)
(Peel talks about his forthcoming trip with the BBC World Service to Bulgaria with Sheila and William and makes some amusing comments on what he expects it would be like.)


  • RB4 220791.mp3
  • 1:50:27
  • Thanks to Max for the upload