• 1989-11-22
  • Peel mentions never reading any bad reviews of the Fatima Mansions LP.
  • Peel plays a Czech house record from Hipodrom Jindřicha Parmy after the news of a Czech football team not playing a match in support of demonstrations against the communist authorities.
  • Peel sets a competition to win 10 copies of the Bolt Thrower LP and the game Warhammer 40,000, by asking listeners, which band member of Bolt Thrower shares a name with a large aquatic animal. The actual answer is Andy Whale.
  • Peel mentions having an underpants problem, where he left his clean underpants at home and had to wear none while travelling to London, where he tried to buy one, but could only find large ones, that he had to buy.
  • Peel mentions visiting Luxor in Egypt during his honeymoon and saying it's one of the best places he visited. Peel then plays a record from Egyptian Musicians Of The Nile.
  • Peel is determined to help artists from Sierra Leone to get recordings after his visit there some weeks ago.



(JP: 'Sounds curiously well mannered')
(JP: 'Another one that sounds like Tangerine Dream')
(JP: 'There will be no more talk about underpants in this programme and I can promise you that and so you can take your head out of the bucket now')
(JP: 'I'll play you another track from that tomorrow night')
(JP: 'And to the last tonight from Nirvana from a session which hasn't been really quite as spunky as I thought it might be, to be perfectly frank with you')
(Peel reminds listeners to vote in the Festive Fifty before finishing the show)
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  1. Hipodrom Jindřicha Parmy is the name of the composer and his hippodrome. The song title in Czech translates as Prague House.
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