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*1982-09-22 John Peel Radio 1.mp3
*1982-09-22 John Peel Radio 1.mp3

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  • 1982-09-22
  • Peel famously played the single by Wham!, commenting afterwards, "and the first person to write in and say 'you shouldn't have played that, you should have played the UK Subs instead' will be turned into a toad. You've been warned!"
  • Later in the show, Peel comments: "I've got through the whole programme without mentioning the Heroes & Villains concert in Hammersmith last night, which was a most interesting event. It went very well actually, I was really rather expecting chaos and didn't get it. Slightly disappointed in that respect, and you'll be able to hear the concert yourself on September 30th I think, when it goes out on Radio 1. One of the interesting things that happened though, because I had to do a lot of the compering, myself and Tony Blackburn - and whenever I go off and do one of my awful John Peel roadshow gigs, at some stage of the evening when things are getting really slow - well they start out fairly slow and stay that way usually - but when there's a real low point I usually say something to the effect of, 'of course, here in, wherever it happens to be, you don't know much about football' - which takes a certain kind of hysterical courage in somewhere like Glasgow or Manchester. And I did that in the course of the concert, said 'of course here in London nobody knows anything about football at all' and you could expect a kind of wild reaction, people shouting abuse and occasionally throwing things... It was nothing at all, no reaction whatsoever. Perhaps you'll be able to hear it on the tape. You wouldn't have got that sort of reaction in Norwich..."
  • In the news, England played their first match under their new manager Bobby Robson. The game away to Denmark in Copenhagen ended in a 2-2 draw. The event was marred by crowd trouble.


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John gives a rundown of the acts forthcoming on the show, including the Flying Cream Shots

(JP: 'We're going to start with Serious Drinking, reflecting on my fine friend Kid "call me David" Jensen.')
  • Serious Drinking: He's An Angry Bastard (But I Like Him) ?? (b-side Love On The Terraces EP) Upright
(JP: 'I think that's a little unfair actually, because I did meet somebody from Diss over the weekend who said that they really did like him. Mind you, I think they were confusing him with Peter Powell.')
  • Daintees: Roll On Summertime (single) Kitchenware
(JP: 'I'm not all that keen on the summertime myself actually, I realise this is an exceptional view but I always regard sunshine as being rather fast and Continental. Give me a bit of rain and a bit of mist, that's what I like.')
(JP: 'Well if that's what the kind of thing the ministry of culture in Nicaragua can do (said it in a sarcastic way), then more power to them. We should have one here.') 
(JP: 'Show me a man or woman who can dance to that and I'll show you someone in the intensive care unit, if they can afford to get in of course.')
(JP: 'I hope you noticed the reference in that to heroes and villains. I think that proves that there's something to astrology don't you?')
  • Beat: She's Going (LP - Special Beat Service)


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  • 1982-09-22 John Peel Radio 1.mp3
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