• 1993-04-23
  • ‘Hello fans ‘tis I.’
  • Peel is slightly distracted at the start of the show. 'Trying to do some serious parenting.'
  • John provides a tip on how to handle people who have never been plagued by self doubt.
  • The Isector recording begins a few minutes into the show, but two of the recently shared mixtape series fill in the gaps



(JP: ‘...and the first record [tonight] really too chilling to discuss with you any further I think.)
(JP: 'Sorry about the confusion that we’ve experienced in the programme so far listeners, but I’ve been trying to do some serious parenting whilst playing you some records. The two don’t really go together it must be said.')
(11:30 news)
(JP : Well I can tell you that toes were being pretty firmly tapped here in the studio. That’s Escape 3.’)

1991 Festive Fifty

(JP: ‘...during the week I was waiting outside a school in Ipswich for the Pig to finish her weekly French lesson. And this car came in, one of those kind of executive model Fords. Swept straight into the only disabled parking space, that there was immediately outside the school. And this perfectly able bodied family got out. And they were the kind of people you thought. I bet you never for a moment, a single one of you, have ever been plagued by self doubt. I mean presumably father, mother, and a rather loathsome looking ten year old child. (Ten, eleven that sort of age). You thought I know what you’re going to be like when you’re about nineteen or twenty. I mean a real monster and real horrendous child. I wished I was the kind of person to have the courage while they were in the school, and they didn’t come out while I was there, to go up and like urinate in the petrol tank of the car. In fact I’ll give you the number and you can do it yourself if you see it. No, I'd better not because it’s probably against the law. I suspect it is against the law to do that sort of thing. But my goodness me I do dislike people like that a great deal.’)
(12:30 news)
  • L439b
  • Unsane: 'Body Bomb' (Peel Session)
(JP: I have to admit that I almost forgot about the news there. Because we have changed the times of the news as you may have spotted if you’re a regular listener and I was about to sail straight ahead there. But I caught myself just in time.’)
(The David Bowie story trailer)
(JP: ‘....somehow when I was putting this programme together I left out an entire quarter of an hour. I’m either gonna have to talk for a quarter of an hour or get Lynn Parsons to start a quarter of an hour earlier I guess.’)
(1:30 news)
(JP: It’s not every day you get a postcard from a top pop celebrity along with a record. But here’s a card from David Gedge saying amongst other things, “I met a bloke at Sound City who gave me this record. I thought you might be interested. You can’t play it and not feel instantly cheered up”.’)
(JP: ‘Its over to you Lynn.’)
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