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*Many thanks to Dirk.
*1) 2) Many thanks to Dirk.

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Show Edit

  • John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1988-12-23

Sessions Edit

  • None

Tracklisting Edit

(JP: 'The holiday tempo quickens still further as we celebrate 150 years of Cliff Richard on John Peel's Music On BFBS. To the Yuletide stars twinkling over Bethlehem, we say...')
(JP: 'Are they destined for greatness or have they already been left behind? It's difficult to say: we'll find out next year.')
(JP: 'There have been, in the history of recording I think rather too few instrumentals on the subject of football: in fact, this may be the only one.') Start of this link features at end of Peel 095 (BFBS)
(JP: 'Hilbury Island plays a large part in my domestic mythology because, when my dad was a lad, he tried to swim out to it and strained his heart: not enough to make life difficult for him, but it meant that he couldn't do much by the way of sport and so forth.')

File Edit

  • 1) Peel 095
  • 2) Peel 096
  • 3) John-Peel-Show-BFBS1988-12-27-Side-A.mp3
  • 1) 00:46:52 (from 16:13)
  • 2) 00:47:06 (to 5:49)
  • 3) 00:36:14
  • 1) 2) Many thanks to Dirk.
  1. Gang Of Four cover version.
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