• 1994-12-23
  • The second part of the 1994 Festive Fifty.
  • Intro: "Thanks very much, Pete (Tong), and you're listening to the Festive Fifty, listeners, or more accurately the Festive 42, because we've already had eight of them. I'll tell you what they were in just a moment, but this is at number 42."
  • This chart features the highest-ever entry by a session track (the Fall at number 2).


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1994 Festive Fifty: Numbers 42-01

(JP: 'Festive Fifty entry makes real world chart shock! That got to number 20 in February.')
(JP: 'You must have been getting worried about the fact that there were no Fall records so far...There's the first ten put to bed, and still nothing from Suede, or Blur, or Oasis, but surely they must be coming along shortly.') [2]
(JP: 'When I was a boy and growing up in Texas, we knew that as 'In The Pines', but everybody else calls it 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night', and so shall we on this occasion....Our Flossie can play that on the guitar, so I'll dedicate that to her.')
(JP: 'Only two Fall tracks so far. Have you no shame?')
(JP: 'So far...all cute kids slapping guitars, as you may have spotted.)
(JP: 'That, I think, the first Festive Fifty entry for this year anyway that I don't remember ever playing on the radio at all on these programmes.')
(JP: 'Destined to be thought of as a one-hit wonder, I suspect, but I think there's more to it than that.')
  • 31: Orbital, 'Are We Here?-Industry Standard (CDS)' (Internal)
(JP: 'Posing more questions than they answer, one to be exact.')
(JP: 'That got into the charts as well. Where have I gone wrong?')
(JP: 'Should have been a whole load higher, I reckon.')
(JP: 'The tabloids have been hounding us all week to discover what was number 26 in the Festive Fifty, and now they have their answer.')
(JP: 'I don't remember ever playing that one before either, but goldurnit, it's your Festive Fifty, not mine....Certainly played this, though.')
(JP: 'You can just feel the excitement building, can't you? I know you can!')
  • 21: Pulp, 'Common People' (Peel Session) [6]
(JP: 'Time to remind you that at this time next week, you'll be able to hear a programme misleadingly called 'John Peel's Top Tips For 95'. Just remember that a DJ is not just for Christmas.')
(JP: 'That's the ninth Festive Fifty entry so far sung by a woman. You'd think I'd have better things to do with myself really, wouldn't you? At number 19, the tenth!')
(JP: 'The Festive Fifty as chosen by you the listener. I say that because I know that next week I shall get letters from people saying, "I didn't think very much of the records that you chose for your Festive Fifty. How come you didn't pick anything by Snoot?" So let me emphasise once again that I play no part in these proceedings at all beyond announcing the score, as it were. It's all chosen by listeners.')
(JP: 'My favourite track from the LP Watusi.')
(JP: 'At number 11, one of the most sought-after records of the year. I think I got more mail and more phone calls about this than about any other record.')
(JP: 'What a great record that is! Only about a couple of hundred copies of that pressed up, I understand, so very difficult to get hold of, so don't write to me and try to buy my copy of it.')
(JP: 'Has Festive Fifty written all over it, I thought to myself the first time I heard it.')
(JP: 'In a decently ordered world, that would have been a number one record in the charts, I think.')
(JP: 'Very partial to the guitar on that.')
(JP: 'There are times when I feel that I could put that on a loop and listen to it forever.')
(JP: 'A great record by any standards and in any age.')
  • (John names the winner of the Rough Trade FF competition)
  • 04: Elastica, 'Connection (CDS)' (Deceptive)
  • 03: Veruca Salt, 'Seether (12")' (Hi-Rise Recordings)
  • 02: Fall, 'Hey! Student' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'At number one...nurse, the envelope, please.')
(JP: 'Thanks very much for your votes, if you have voted, and thanks very much for listening.')
  • File f ends


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  • e) Peel Show 1994-12-23
  • f) John Peel 23 Dec 1994 festive 50
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  1. Not announced by JP as this version: deduced by timing.
  2. They didn't: Suede and Blur appeared in subsequent charts, but Oasis never did.
  3. Originally released in 1991.
  4. The LP was released in September 1993, but the single came out in 1994.
  5. Originally released in 1992.
  6. This is the original version of the track that made the following year's list at number one as an official release.
  7. John apologises for playing the radio edit, which alters the line 'I don't care if you screw him', claiming it was the only way he could get everything in.
  8. Taken from a Radio 1 evening session.
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