• 1996-02-23
  • Several recordings are available. The first a) with just the last song and link available. This clip is at the start of a recording of Tim Westwood's show (wrongly dated to the same date in 1995), and it is interesting that Peel ends his show with a German-language hip-hop track (from an album that achieved considerable commercial success in its homeland), as if to distance himself and his view of hip-hop from Westwood's heavily US-dominated idea of it, just as his view of pop and rock music generally differed from the "Anglosphere" view of most of his Radio 1 colleagues throughout his career.
  • The second recording b) includes the full three hour show.
  • Files c-f contain selected dance/international tracks in very high quality.
  • First play for a new band from Glasgow called Mogwai.
  • John offers his support to Jarvis Cocker following the incident at the 1996 Brit Awards.


  • Van Basten, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1995-11-14. No known commercial release.
  • Quickspace, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1995-10-08. No known commercial release. Billed as 'Quickspace Supersport.'


(JP ‘ is from Glasgow. Found a letter from Stuart Braithwaite who is of the band.’)
(JP: 'As you can imagine... this programme is solidly behind Jarvis.’)
(JP: 'Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee who died this week’.)
(JP: ‘And this is another Tom’s tip.’)
(JP: 'Thanks very much for listening: here’s Westwood.’)
Tracks marked # on File c, @ on File d, $ on File e £ on File f


  • a) Westwood Live @ Club UN 23.02.95 & Need To Learno Plot
  • b) Peel Show 1996-02-23
  • c) Dat_103.mp3
  • d) Dat 104-1.mp3
  • e) 1996-02-xx Peel Show LE273
  • f) 1996-02-xx-03-xx Peel Show LE273A
  • a) 3m of Peel (followed by a C90's worth of Westwood)
  • b) 03:02:14
  • c) 04:04:59 (from 02:56:37)
  • d) 03:22:53 (to 14:33)
  • e) 1:33:33 (15:35-1:13:24)
  • f) 1:33:06 (30:34-59:43)
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