Simon Bates and Peter Powell host TOTP in June, 1983

  • BBC One (TV)
  • 1983-06-23
  • Oh, thanks very much Simes. Well there’s Simes in West London, and I’m in Amsterdam. You win a few, you lose a few. And what we’re doing here is another European chart rundown. We’re going to start off though with the Dolly Dots who are a kind of double Bananarama, with a cherry on the top.
  • That was “Money Lover” from the Dolly Dots. And these are the Dolly Dots... six innocent fawn-like creatures in search of a father figure. And they’re going to give us the rundown of the Dutch Top 10 for this week…
  • Those are the Shorts at No.1 in the Dutch charts. What a little corker, eh? That’s also No.8 in the European charts. And also in the European charts this week are Kajagoogoo, the Eurythmics and Bonnie Tyler. This is No.5 and this is the moment you’ve really been waiting for. This is the Swiss No.1, and it’s by... (reads from piece of paper)…Geier Sturzflug.
  • So what does your standard issue British tourist do when he comes to Amsterdam? He comes to the flower market – Tulips from Amsterdam, that sort of thing. The next record is very popular in all of the German speaking parts of Europe, and it’s No.1 in Germany. Robin Gibb. You remember? Course you do! This is called “Juliet”.
  • Well here we are in one of the older parts of Amsterdam. This (points to a statue) is obviously someone who’s heard too many of my late night Radio 1 programmes – it’s all cobwebs. This next record is by Daniel who’s Yugoslavian, and it’s a huge hit all over Europe, in fact it’s the No.3 record in the European charts. A huge hit that is everywhere except in Britain. It’s called “Julie”.
  • Sounds a lot like Shakin’ Stevens to me that does.



Elton John-I gues that's why they call it the blues

Elton John-I gues that's why they call it the blues

Elton John - I guess that's why they call it the blues

Mike Oldfield - Moonlight shadow - totp

Mike Oldfield - Moonlight shadow - totp

Mike Oldfield - Moonlight shadow

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