• 1981-03-23
  • Show is the first of four programmes broadcast from Edinburgh as part of "Radio 1 Week". As the Peel show is on VHF they used the studio at BBC Scotland Broadcasting House in Queen Street, rather than the studio set up in the hotel that the other DJ's used.
  • "All this week featuring sessions from Scottish bands, tonight: Altered Images and Boots for Dancing and a varied selection of discs with special regard to new Scottish groups." - Radio Times / BBC Genome [1]
  • Mentions that he went up to Edinburgh early so he could see Meadowbank Thistle play (they lost) but got a club tie from the Chairman
  • Some track info missing for the German band.



(JP: "..even the technical staff are skanking to that one..")
(JP: "..rumour has it that one or two of the commercial radio stations want to ban this record - presumably they don't want to offend any fascists..")


  • 1981-03-23 John Peel Radio 1.flac (incomplete)
  • Peel 1981
  • 1) 01:30:27
  • 2) 01:31:38 (3:20 to 6:43 only)
  • 1) The end of the show is missing, but also some of the middle section must be lost as the tape flips, because the Boots For Dancing track at the end is introduced as the last one in session - therefore the track "Hesitate" is not present, as well as possibly an interview with the band's singer, Dave Carson, which Peel says should be happening later in the programme.
  • 1) T282 of the 400 Box.
  • Incomplete show
  • 2) Another Peel compilation from 1981, assembled by Mark, called Peel 1981.
  • Part of the recording was made in the week 23-26 March 1981, when Radio 1 was in Scotland.
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