• 1983-03-23
  • Something of an all-star line-up for the sessions, repeating the combination of 22 April 1981.
  • Apologies for possibly sounding, “what old hippies used to call laid back.” That evening had just done his first live Top Of The Pops. “You wouldn’t realize this because I look so cool and suave and in control of everything, but I get into such a state before I do them.” After the initial sense of relief once it’s over, he wants to “have a bit of a lie down.”
  • Plays wrong side of single by Liverpool band Cook Da Books, then touring with the Undertones, but then plays the intended song as well.
  • Informs us that the track by Divine that finishes off the show was written and produced by Tony Orlando, but in fact it was Bobby Orlando.
  • The Spinners track is by the soul group of that name. They were sometimes known as the Detroit Spinners to avoid confusion with the middle-of-the-road Liverpool folk group called the Spinners, who were popular enough in the UK to have their own long-running BBC TV show in the 1970s, but never appealed to Peel.



Files 1 & 2 begin
(Trailer for David Jensen's Interview with David Bowie)
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Files 1 & 2
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  • (1) RADIO 1 23 03 83 JOHN PEEL.MP3
  • (2) 93 Peel 19830323a The Fall and Ivor Cutler.mp3
  • (3) 93 Peel 19830323b The Fall and Ivor Cutler.mp3
  • (4) Karl's Tape March 14th 1983 from 1:00:56 to 1:22:20 (mis-dated)
  • (1) 1:02:05
  • (2) 1:01:51
  • (3) 1:01:17
  • (4)    21:25
  • Full show on (2) and (3), shared via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to Andrew and Dave for this!
  • File (2) has a slightly better quality than File (1)
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