• 1991-03-23
  • Playlist incudes a track by blues singer and one-man-band Juke Boy Bonner (1932-1978), who recorded a session for Top Gear in 1969 when he visited Britain as a part of the 1969 American Folk Blues Festival package tour.


  • Fall #15, recorded 5th March 1991, first broadcast.
  • Shamen #4, recorded 12th February 1991, first broadcast.

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  • Files 1 and 3 begin at start of show
  • Butthole Surfers: Something
  • Chapterhouse: Pearl (single) Dedicated
  • Black Radical: My Radix Point (B side of Sumarli) Mango 12 MNG 773
  • Oh Daddy Likes The Fall (ident) (JP - 'indeed he does and we've got a Fall session for you tonight as I hinted at the start of the programme, recorded on March the 5th which apparently is Mark E Smith's Birthday and there were celebrations continuing during the sessions so we can see how it evolves over the next 2 and a half hours or so')
  • Fall: The War Against Intelligence (session)
  • Shamen: Hyperreal (session)
  • Amayenge: Umwana Amonakela Muchelo
  • Schlong: The Mountain's Not Dead (album - Ee Yow) Community Free
  • Eon: Inner Mind Deep Thought (The Instrumental) () Vinyl Solution
  • Pete Wylie And The Farm: Sinful (12") Siren
  • Cobra: Call It Off (pre-release) Sinbad Productions
  • Cocoa Tea: No Blood For Oil (pre-release) Two Friends
  • File 3 ends during above track
  • Capleton: Too Warsome (pre-release) Fresh Breed
  • Bastro: I Come From A Long Line Of Shipbuilders (LP-Sing The Troubled Beast)' (Homestead)
  • Juke Boy Bonner One Man Band: Running Shoes (album - Savage Kid Volume 5) Savage Kid
  • 25th Of May: Solid State Logic (The Shiner Mix) Arista
  • Fall: Idiot Joy Showland (session)
  • Parasites: Misfit Song () Shredder
  • Shamen: Make It Mine (session)
  • Master Mwana Congo: La Jeunesse (Satane Tautau) Saxone
  • Spirea X: Chlorine Dream (12") 4AD
  • Egg: Seven Have A Jolly Good Time () Deram
  • Eskimos In Egypt: ? () Deutsche Englischer Freundshaft
  • Codeine: Cave In (album - Frigid Stars) Glitterhouse/Sub Pop
  • Paul Leary: Apollo 1 (album - The History Of Dogs) Rough Trade
  • Boo Radleys: Blue Bird (EP - Every Heaven)
  • Kid Capri: The Joke's On You Jack (album - The Tape) Cold Chilling
  • Fall: A Lot Of Wind (session)
  • Jesters: Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear
  • Sonic Youth: The Bedroom (album - Dirty Boots)
  • Terry Edwards: Everything's All Right When You're Down (Terry Edwards Plays The Music Of Jim And William Reid) Stim
  • Shamen: Possible Worlds (session)
  • Extreme Noise Terror: In It For Life (shared album with Filthkick - In It For Life) Sink Below
  • Gregory Isaacs And Bunny Rugs: Here Comes Rudi () Exterminator
  • I Ludicrous: Duller Than .... (album - Light And Bitter () Rodney Rodney
  • Monomen: I Don't Care (single) Estrus
  • Grande Metre Franco: Azpa (album - In Memoriam Vol 3)
  • Fall: The Mixer (session)
  • Moose: The Ballad Of Adam And Eve () Hut
  • DJ Spike: Unsanity (accidentally cuts off half of record)
  • Pitchshifter: Inflammator (Industrial) Deaf
  • Shamen: In The Bag (session)
  • Wayne Wonder And Cutty Ranks: Lambada


  • 1) John Peel 19910323 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • 2) John Peel 19910323 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
  • 3) 1991-03-23 Peel Show R149.mp3
  • 1) 1:32:44
  • 2) 1:32:49
  • 3) 46:59
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