• 2002-05-23
  • Start of show: “Well, hello there. I hope that after last Thursday’s debacle you can hear me OK. This is John Peel from Peel Acres."
  • Much talk from Peel related to the evening’s historic session from whistling and yodeling star Ronnie Ronalde, as well as related tales of bewildered dogs and frightened rabbits. One listener’s dad was apparently named Ronald after the great man.
  • Some discrepancies from the tracks played in the session here and those listed in Ken Garner’s The Peel Sessions, as well as the BBC site. Both sources include ‘Soldiers”, ‘Mockingbird Kill Yodel’ and ‘Amazing Grace’, none of which seem to be played here. The BBC listing also gives ‘Mockingbird Kill’, which appears to be a misspelling of ‘Mockingbird Hill.’
  • Peel thinks the track timings leave no room for a Pig's Big 78 and instead dedicates the Johnny Adams single from 1972 to Sheila. He subsequently decides that there is in fact time for one from Humphrey Lyttleton, whom they apparently met at the Sony Awards. Wonders whether it would be worth asking him for a session.
  • Mentions that they once tried to get organist Jimmy Smith in for a session (apparently a big favourite on Kats Karavan back in the day), but his financial demands would have taken up the programme budget for six months. Ends the show here with one of his tracks.
  • News: Irish captain Roy Keene goes home from the team’s World Cup training camp after a row with manager Mick McCarthy.


  • Ronnie Ronalde, one and only session. Recorded 2002-05-19. No known commercial release.



  • a) John_Peel_20020523
  • b) John Peel (Ronnie Ronalde) 23.05.02
  • a) 02:00:30
  • b) 00:04:46, 00:02:21, 00:03:10, 01:17:50
  • a) Many thanks to B!
  • b) 320 kbps rar. Last file is an edit of the whole show, starting at the Esem track and continuing to the end.
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