• 1979-10-23
  • Start of show: “That Mike Read looks awfully like Lord Lucan, you know. I never noticed it until today, but I wonder … no, surely not. Last night I mentioned that on this programme I might be playing a stack of singles because we’d rather fallen behind with releases. Not that this is by any means a mopping up operation, but every one a winner, coming as they do from Boston, London, Detroit, Cheltenham, Sunderland, San Francisco, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, Derry, Kingston, Cardiff, Belfast, and to start the programme, from East Anglia.”
  • The Spitfire Boys single is played at the second attempt (first time, JP only managed the b-side).
  • Three records played from that week’s new chart (these don’t include the new #1 from Lena Martell).
  • Run of four records related to the Good Vibrations label, from the Moondogs to the Undertones.
  • Peel reads out the Radio One schedule in South Wales for both Wednesday and Thursday (the latter by mistake).
  • JP bets that Liverpool, then in fifth place with a game in hand, will eventually win the league “easily”. (They did top the table at the end of the season, by two points.)


  • Singles only


(JP: “The man behind Good Vibrations records, or at least one of them of course, is Terri Hooley. And Terri Hooley for some years now has been sending tapes to me of himself singing the Sonny & Cher song – the Sonny Bono song – ‘Laugh At Me’, and finally he has got round to put it onto a record … And I thought I might as well play it to you. Well, at least once anyway.”)


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