• 1998-09-23
  • Peel has PJ Harvey performing at Maida Vale, where she performed 2 songs (Sky Lit Up & Joy) already for the Evening Session.
  • Peel mentions when he's at Newcastle for Sound City, he hopes that people will buy him Indian food, beer and red wine.
  • Peel asks PJ Harvey do you yodel, and says she hasn't tried, but would like her to do it in 1999, before playing a yodelling record from the Girls Of The Golden West.
  • Peel mentions working for a Finnish radio station called Radio Mafia and plays a Finnish record from O Samuli A sent by someone from Finland.
  • PJ Harvey mentions to Peel that her mum wants to complain to him for cutting of a Bob Dylan record that he played once on radio, which he denies. She goes on to say that her mum wants him to play a Bob Dylan record on the show to compensate that.



(JP: 'Please don't write in to ask us how you can get hold of a copy of that, because the answer is, we simply don't know')
(JP: 'This next one is a big favorite from our William. I hope he's at home listening to his daddy')

PJ Harvey: Live at Maida Vale

  1. The Garden @
  2. My Beautiful Leah announced, but may not have been performed at this stage going by John's comments at the end of the Bushman track
(news) @
(JP: 'Well my goodness me, that's got certainly everybody dancing down here at our Maida Vale studios, well that's entirely untrue, well I'm sure they were thinking about dancing')

PJ Harvey: Live at Maida Vale

  1. Catherine @
  2. A Perfect Day Elise
(JP: 'This is an Gene Vincent record which astonishedly was banned by the BBC when it first came out, see if you can tell why?')
(JP: 'For some reason, when he goes Wo-man Love Hey Hey, they saw as being obscene. I mean, come on you tell me')

PJ Harvey: Live at Maida Vale

  1. Electric Light @
  2. Taut

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