• 1999-09-23
  • Had listened to Bob Harris's programme on Radio 2 driving up from London that day. Describes records by the country music award-winners at the Grand Ole Opry as “uniformly terrible … like the sort of musical equivalent of an inflatable woman, or an inflatable bloke if such things exist.” Also, that what was being played wasn’t actually country music.
  • Claims that the Oyster Band single was released to cash in on the popularity of the Peelenium, particularly The Voice.
  • Says the songs for that night’s Peelenium are four of his all-time favourites. Also, the Earl Bostic track was the first jazz record he ever bought, but it didn’t help him get into his school’s jazz society. See the Earl Bostic page for the full quote.
  • The song “Crying In The Chapel" gets two plays: one in the Peelenium and a cover by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy from John Peel's 60th Birthday Album, which apparently contains four versions of Teenage Kicks. The one by Solex, with John O’Neill of the Undertones playing guitar down the phone, gets an outing here.
  • Richie Hawtin (aka Plastikman) allegedly “whipped” at pool by Peel’s son William, but this is denied by William himself.


  • Low #1 Repeat of session first broadcast 22 June 1999. Recorded 1999-05-16.


Peelenium 1953

  1. Earl Bostic: Sleep
  2. Orioles: Crying In The Chapel
  3. Frankie Laine: Answer Me
  4. Art & Dottie Todd: Broken Wings


  • a) low53a.mp3
  • b) low53b.mp3
  • c) jp230999.mp3
  • d) John Peel 23 Sept 1999
  • a) 1:01:37
  • b) 1:01:44
  • c) 1:59:46
  • d) 0:17:43
  • a) and b) Part of The Andrew T 90s tapes. Many thanks to Andrew!
  • c) Many thanks to max-dat.
  • d) Many thanks to Lee.
  1. Mixed by Richie Hawtin, the three tracks used in this mix are by Ratio, G Flame & Mr. G and Richard Harvey respectively.
  • a) and b) Currently unavailable
  • c) Mooo
  • d) Mooo
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