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  • 1992-04-24
  • Peel reports on The Fall gig that he went to on Tuesday (21st April) in Norwich. Both him and his son William got to meet Mark E. Smith afterwards.
  • John talks about his selection of the film 'It's Trad, Dad!' for the Sound City event yesterday in Norwich. He describes the appearances of Alan Freeman in the film as one of its highpoints.
  • A listener writes believing he has solved John's quest for the Little Richard Cover Search, stating that it is the Vikings' 1964 version of 'Rip It Up' but JP denies this.
  • Another listener contacts John to tell him that his old prep school (Woodlands in Deganwy, north Wales) was demolished this week.
  • Peel reveals that PJ Harvey's first attempt at recording a debut session wasn't aired. "PJ wasn't terrifically happy with it, so she asked us not to broadcast that one so we didn't and (she) did a second one."
  • Last ten minutes of the show are missing from the available recording.



(JP: ‘And I hope you heard them [The House Of Love] on Tuesday night on that concert on Mark Goodier’s programme from the Waterfront in Norwich, because they were exceptionally good I thought. I mean they only played a 30 minute set or so, but a lot harder than I thought they were gonna be; and just a real treat. As were Jacob's Mouse from Bury St Edmunds, and of course most particularly The Fall. And as regular listeners will know a couple of weeks ago I saw them in Cambridge. Not disappointed, how could you be disappointed with The Fall, but I mean you know they weren’t absolutely at their peak, but they certainly were on Tuesday night. What a great gig it was. And I got to exchange pleasantries with Mark E Smith afterwards at a kind of showbiz do. You know just a kind of expressions of mutual whatever on a staircase as I left, but nevertheless great stuff. And he shook our William's hand and our William was much touched by that and quite rightly so. This is Big Black.’)
(JP: ‘And these are the Cranberries and err sorry. I’ve left me glasses at home actually. Not that I need them to see. [Bang] Oh that’s me bumping into the microphone. The Cranberries and Want.’)
(JP: ‘After the news a voice that has gone unheard on these programmes for too long.’
(11.30 news)
(JP: That’s the second one at the wrong speed tonight. The only excuse I’ve got is that a light has burnt out. But that’s a bad workman blames his tools. Hummp! Right take it away – oh come on!’)
(‘JP: I’ve no idea what that means [El Desorden] and I suppose I just have to hope that it’s not some kind of colloquial word for the front bottom.’)
(1:00 news)


  • Peel Show 1992-04-24 (incomplete)
  • 02:50:38
  • First hour is rather muffled in quality, but this improves. Many thanks to the original taper.