• 2000-02-24
  • Start of show: "Hello, listener, wherever you are. Welcome to a rain-soaked Peel Acres."
  • Second track of the night is from the movie soundtrack of Five Seconds To Spare, in which Peel himself appears. Unfortunately, after a few seconds: “Now that isn’t supposed to happen. It just stopped.” Happily, it plays OK at the second attempt.
  • Member of session band Quasi is currently cycling around South America. “If he’s lucky he’ll go to Machu Picchu. Never been there. One of those places I would like to go to enormously but probably never will.”
  • Appears to be a first play for a subsequent favourite, Laura Cantrell. “She does look, I have to say, not like my idea of a country singer. Kind of thin lipped and stroppy really, and not like a Playboy bunny.” Says the album is “excellent”.
  • Andy Kershaw later that night has Tom Waits in session: “I’ve never been a great Tom Waits fan, but I shall be listening to it anyway - for Andy rather than for Tom, I suspect.”
  • Elastica track is the only one Peel currently has from the forthcoming album. The band's most recent session is being repeated the following week.
  • Recalls days in Austin, Texas, as member of Dallas Country Cricket Club, which had a game broken up when members of the local university US football team invaded the pitch: “They were much bigger than us. And also, I have to say, a great deal more stupid too. And the same sort of attitudes dictated American foreign policy at the time, which was rather frightening.”



  • Clinic: 'The Return Of Evil Bill (CDS)' (Domino)
  • µ-Ziq: Carpet Muncher (CD - Five Seconds To Spare) white label
  • Admiral Tibet: Time Is The Master (Finatic)
  • Quasi: 'Seal The Deal' (Peel Session)
  • Hefner: The Science Fiction (LP - Boxing Hefner) Too Pure
  • Big Ron: Let The Freak (Timo Maas remix) (CD - Underground Beats) (48k)
  • Picture Center: Never (LP: The Wonders Of God's Heaven And Earth) North American
  • Quickspace: Gloriana (LP - The Death Of Quickspace) Kitty Kitty
  • Digital & Spirit: Phantom Force (12" single) Phantom Audio
  • Laura Cantrell: Queen Of The Coast (CD - Not the Tremblin' Kind) Spit & Polish
  • Quasi: 'The Star You Left Behind' (Peel Session)
  • Elastica: Mad Dog God Damn (CD - The Menace) Deceptive
  • Trouble Funk: Let's Get Hot (LP - Drop The Bomb) Sugar Hill
  • Left Hand: Closure (LP - Minus Eight) Jonathon Whiskey 1
  • Radio Sweethearts: Open Up Your Heart (LP - Lonesome Blue) Spit & Polish
  • Chicks On Speed: Yes I Do (LP - Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All) Chicks On Speed
  • DJ Food: Break (CD: Kaleidoscope) Ninja Tune
  • Quasi: 'Not Much Else' (Peel Session)
  • Neko Case & Her Boyfriends: Somebody Led Me Away (LP - The Virginian) Bloodshot
  • Maow: How Does That Grab You (LP - The Unforgiving Sounds Of Maow) Mint
  • Glen Washington: My Father's Will (7" single) Roots Groundation
  • Chris Liberator: Fiesta Diablo (LP - Set Fire) TeC
  • Girlboy Girl: Should We Or Shouldn't We (LP – Fresco) Blackbean & Placenta
  • Dirty Three: Lullabye For Christie (LP - Whatever You Love You Are) Bella Union
  • Positively Testcard: Sutha Sutha (CD - Gas Up My Hot Rod Stoker, The Kwela Groove Frenzy's Hit Town) House Of Kwela
  • Quasi: 'Paint It Black' (Peel Session) [1]
  • Brassy: 'That's The Way (CD-Got It Made)' (Wiiija)


  • a) John Peel - 2000-02-24 (FM) (DK recorded)
  • b) jp240200
  • a) 02:00:27
  • b) 01:59:55
  • a) Many thanks to David and Gary!
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  • a) Not currently available online.
  • b) Mooo
  1. Rolling Stones cover.
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