• 1994-06-24
  • Show is from Glastonbury, where is getting dark and is now pouring with rain. But Peel is nice and warm in the BBC van, "so I don't care really, when it comes right down to it."
  • Two recordings are available. The first consists of two hours of the original three-hour show, as repeated in two parts by the BBC in June 2009. This edits out out several of the Madder Rose tracks originally broadcast, as well as tracks indicated with an Ø symbol (additional details on full show tracklisting from Lorcan's Tracklistngs Archive). The second is a recording of the first 90 minutes of the original broadcast. 
  • Tracks from Orbital's new album are exclusive to the JP show.
  • Peel says he seems to remember that Duane Eddy was involved in the original of Girl On Death Row, covered here by Tindersticks.
  • Andy Kershaw drops by with boogie-woogie pianist Ben Waters, whose album Peel admits has received more exposure on the Kershaw show. Kershaw leaves to go and watch the Pretenders. Is scheduled to return later in the show for a report and further chat, although this is not included on the available recording except a recognizable chuckle and couple of words before the Neil Young track near the end.
  • Peel made the effort to get up early to see Dreadzone on the Pyramid Stage and reports that they were “dazzlingly good”. Happy to discover that most of the set was recorded (“accidentally almost”), so he is able to play the final three tracks on the show.


  • Cheapsuitaroonies: Live set from Glastonbury. Recorded 1994-06-24. No known commercial release.
  • Madder Rose Live set from Glastonbury. Recorded 1994-06-24. No known commercial release.
  • Dreadzone Live set from Glastonbury. Recorded 1994-06-24. No known commercial release.


  1. Ovdoviala Lissitchkata
  2. Get Ready
  1. Baby I Love You/Sleep Forever
  2. Panic On
  3. While Away
  4. Ultra Anxiety
  5. Black Eye Town
  6. Swim/Madder Rose

Recording 1 Part 2

(chat with Andy Kershaw and Ben Waters)

Recording 2 ends

(more chat with Kershaw and Waters)

  1. The Good The Bad & The Dread
  2. Dream On
  3. The Warning

(Kershaw - brief return)


  • (1a) peel_19940624_part1.mp2.
  • (1b) peel_19940624_part2.mp2.
  • (2) Peel Show 1994-06-24 (incomplete)
  • (1a) 00:59:43
  • (1b) 01:07:17
  • (2) 01:33:18
  • (1a) 68.34 MB
  • (1b) 77 MB
  • (1a) & (1b) originally shared via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to bbrbr57.
  • (2) Many thanks to Isector.
  1. Setlist from NB Assorted spellings for the band can be found online. Perhaps the most common is “Cheapsuit Oroonies”.
  2. Setlist from BBC Peel minisite. Recording one doesn't include all the songs.