• 1979-09-24
  • Start of show: “I tell you what, you know, you nearly got rather more of Mike Read than you might have planned for, because I spent rather longer than I intended to asleep in a lay-by that I know just outside Roysten in Hertforshire. An attractive little lay-by, I can recommend it to anybody. If you write and send me a letter I’ll send you the address of it. On tonight’s programme, sessions from Peter Hammill – his first in quite a while – and the debut of the Dodgems from Brighton. Amongst the records, the b-side of the Cockney Rejects single that Mike played in his programme, also a track from Mikey Dread’s debut LP, both sides of the Selecter single, a track from the Cabaret Voltaire LP, some noises from Lars, Black Uhuru plus a famous guitarist. In addition to this, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Ici La Bas, Slits, Brand X, the Homosexuals, Elmore James, the Stranglers and a lot of other people besides. Like the idea of the programme, do you?”
  • Peel blames John Walters for the run of tracks with some X connection.


  • Dodgems #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1979-09-17.
  • Peter Hammill #5 First broadcast. Recorded 1979-09-12. Officially available on "The Peel Sessions" (CD, 1995, Strange Fruit).

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JP: “You know, I bet if I hadn’t already told you, you could have guessed that band were from Brighton, because there’s a definite Brighton sound evolving … those nice ironic little lyrics and the general sound of the band as well. And this is quite a good thing I think and you can notice it all over the country, a Bristol sound and so on, I suppose a Manchester sound besides. Muscle Beach – that’s the first from the Dodgems. I’d love to be muscular myself so people would be frightened of me. Not much chance of that, though. This is Fats Domino and a perhaps more appropriate title – Fat Man.”
JP: “A really tasteless performance this, which I thoroughly enjoyed…”
JP: “The Dodgems, and their biggie, I suppose…”
Peel reads out a postcard from an ex-housemaster inviting him to a school reunion (“The most crushing thing I have read in years”): “It is for all, not scholars and first eleven only, but for those who have done less well too, like you.”
JP: “This next is from Black Uhuru … and on the label it says ‘featuring Keith Richard from The Stone on guitar’ – and indeed it probably does.”
JP: “When I lived in Los Angeles – international man! – I used to hang around with the Seeds. Well, not so much hang around but get in their way I suppose.”
JP: “That is great, you know. Very, very good. Both sides of the record, but funnily enough I like the b-side better.”
JP: “Peter Hammill, as uncompromising as ever. You wouldn’t know think to listen to him that he was quite good at football, would you?”
JP: “Well, with a lot of reluctance, I suppose facts must be faced and the second Penetration LP not as impressive as the first, but still some good stuff on it, and that I think the best of it.”
End of show, news, file (2) switches to 25 September 1979.


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